The new Firefly Battery – Longer Lasting.  Quicker Charging.

I recently fell back in love with my Firefly vaporizer when they released their new Concentrate Pads.  There’s simply nothing portable that can match the insanity that the Firefly can bring with a pad loaded.  There’s a downside, since the Firefly wasn’t designed for concentrate use, it takes longer to heat up.   This requires more battery power…blah blah blah.  Soooo…I picked up an extra battery, and luckily Firefly has just released a new battery that has extra capacity, and is definitely quicker to fully charge.  An extra Firefly Battery is a must.  


The old battery was Li-Ion(Lithium Ion), but with this new version they switched up to Li-Po(Lithium Polymer)


Firefly Battery


Li-Po vs Li-Ion

Li-Po batteries can be very thin, have a high energy density.  Li-Po batteries are very lightweight can be safer than Li-Ion, which have many flight restrictions due to their flamability. However, these batteries will cost more to manufacture and have a lower energy density than Li-Ion batteries.

Li-Ion Batteries have higher energy-densities and cost less than Li-Po batteries. In addition, they do not require a full draining when first used and have a slow self-discharge. Li-Ion batteries do suffer from aging – even when not in use.


Firefly Battery


Are they any better?

Whats all this mean to you, the Firefly owner?  It means that the new firefly batteries won’t self discharge as quickly as the older Li-Ion versions.  Since Li-Po doesn’t take up as much space, they were able to fit a little more battery into the same form factor, bumping the capacity from 750 mAh to 770 mAh.  Its not a huge gain, but we’ll take it.  


The new batteries charge much master, my older Li-Ion takes about 90 minutes to fully charge, and now my new Li-Po only takes 45 minutes.  I picked up an external charger too, so I can charge up while I’m hitting the Firefly hard.  True to Firefly style, even the external charger has a little style.  Don’t worry, the charger  works with any battery they have made.  

Firefly Battery


The Concentrate Pads breathed new life into the Firefly for me, and the new battery is making sure I never see the red light of death.  Well that’s not exactly true, I still see it all the time during the fourth or fifth  long-heat wax session, but now I can actually do something about it.  Another beautiful feature of the Firefly, if the battery dies in mid session, you can replace and continue your session in about ten seconds.  


#Waxlife.   Made possible (and now longer lasting) by Firefly.  




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