Omicron V2.5 by THC Scientific


Everyone’s favorite concentrate vapor pen – now waterproof and much more durable.

The Omicron V2.5 features is a 4.2v pen-style concentrate vaporizer.  It features a new redesigned waterproof aircraft-grade aluminum body and mouthpiece.   The V2.5 features other durability enhancements like a durable connector that can survive repeated drops and the unit overall is able to withstand irregular use.  It utilizes the same battery replacement system as the V2 and uses the  standard Omicron cartridges.  The Omicron V2.5 is protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty with original receipt.



The V2.5 upgrade feels like a small upgrade from the V2 and as such there aren’t many surprises.  In some ways, it feels like this was a response to the durability presented by the ThermoVape.  Overall, expect the same great efficiency that the Omicron has become associated with when it comes to battery use and concentrate maximization.


  • much more durable
  • waterproof


  • none


This is an incremental but solid upgrade from the V2, and I have can easily recommend the V2.5 for anyone looking for a pen-style concentrate only vaporizer.  For those of you with the V2, discounted upgrade options may exist on the V2.5 top.  For anyone looking for maximum durability in a portable, pen-style vaporizer, I would suggest the ThermoVape DART  or Revolution kit instead.


Rating:      7/10