Update:  Ploom sells Ploom and Model 2 IP to JTI, Creates Pax Labs to focus efforts soley in the marijuana industry.  Read more

All signs point to Pax 2.0.  Soon.  Ish.

The other day we checked the update schedules of most common tech products, which seem to gravitate between 12-18 months from model to model.  There’s exceptions to that and the vape industry is definitely at the front of the class when it comes to refresh/release dates.  One vape that we feel is in dire need of an update is Pax.  Don’t get us wrong, we use our Pax’s…(Paxii?) all the time, but its starting to feel a bit dated as other manufactures catch up.  Pax and Arizer Solo used to lead the portable class far and away, but now there are a dozen ligitimate Pax-killers on the market.  From the $400 Crafty to the $129 G Pro, you have a ton of options now.


We actually feel the Pax 2.0 is coming and coming soon, and here’s why:


  • Purple – It’s getting hard to find.  When colors aren’t replenished, that could mean alot of things.  A new version/model is among those things.
  • Pax-Killers – Like we mentioned, the competition is hot right now for top shelf portable vapes.
  • Sales – Its almost impossible to find a deal on Pax, but if you look hard right now you can find specials like kit add-ons and store credits in lieu of discounts.
  • The Owner – James Monsees, speaking to SocialUnderground.com was asked directly ‘Will there be a next-gen PAX?’:


    “A lot of great stuff,” Monsees smiled conspiratorially. “… But at this moment all I can say is that we will have more than one really awesome new product out this year.”

  • Silver Pax – We admit this one is a stretch…but if they were planning on moving on from Pax, and had an allotment of raw aluminum tubes left, spreading them out amongst the colors could be a gamble.  Easier?  That would be creating a new ‘limited edition’ silver model to ensure your remaining stock evaporates.  Its not the strongest theory, but it is a theory.
  • Still don’t believe?  How about a PAX2 trademark filing?


We wait patiently and hope for the following features:


  • Micro-USB charging options
  • Twice the battery life
  • Larger capacity oven
  • Oven lid that can’t be lost  😎
  • No need for mouthpiece lube (seriously, wtf)
  • Silicone sleeve for grip and thermal isolation
  • Bluetooth temp control (we like the Crafty’s app alot) 


Pax2 Release Date

While the only confirmation of a Pax2 we have is trademark filing, it doesn’t mean anything other than they have a application for a name.  We’ll keep this page updated and of course we’ll post a review here if we ever get our hands on one.   The moment there’s a Pax 2.0 release date announcement, you know we’ll be all over it.

About The Author

  • Belle

    I like my Pax but I’m getting tired of dealing with lube. “Seriously, wtf” is right. I’ve had my eye on the Crafty tho for a little while now… saving my pennies!

    • Vape-ologist

      Yeah I would definitely hold out Belle. The Crafty is awesome(review coming this weekend) but if you can wait a bit, you might have more to choose from. The Crafty is SOOOO expensive. But, we found, worth every penny.