By now you’ve heard that the PAX 2  has a more efficient battery, a slightly smaller oven size, and complete lack of retractable mouthpiece.  But did you know it played FunkyTown by Lipps, Inc.? It does that, and much, much more.  We’ll focus on the two varieties we know about, and add more later as needed.  


Version 1:


  • Simon – The game Simon can be activated by holding the PAX 2 horizontally  in both hands, and rotating until you see 4 white LED’s.  To play the game, hold the PAX 2 Horizontally, and match the color sequence shown by tilting the PAX 2 in directions that match the LED’s pattern.   It is possible that your PAX 2 doesn’t have Simon mode.
  • FunkyTown – Reaching the 20th level of Simon will enable the Funkytown tone when the unit is powered on. You must have the PAX 2 up to your ear to hear the tones. 
  • Party Mode –  All 4 LED’s cycle through various colors while the oven is on and heating.  Auto shutoff is extended.  Lip sensor seems to accelerate the cycling, but not that the lip sensor seems to be activated through the silicone rubber mouthpiece, not the aluminum shell. 
  • Paint Mode – While in Paint Mode, the PAX 2 will show no lit LED’s until the unit is moved.  During movement, the LED’s will slowly cycle solid colors.  If you have a tripod and a camera that has bulb mode (allows you to leave the shutter open) then you can make some pretty magical images with your PAX 2.  
  • Motion Sensing Mode:  When the PAX 2 is moved, the LED’s will react accordingly.  
    • Face Down  – (PAX 2 LED’s facing down) Orange/Orange-Yellow
    • Face Up – (PAX 2 LED’s visible) Blue
    • Movement – The LED’s will cycle through what seems to be a repetitive, repeatable pattern.  
    • Heater Shutoff – While in this mode, a fifth heater setting is available:  Heater off.  


Version 2:


  • FunkyTown – The tones to FunkyTown are played when the PAX is shook.  You must have the PAX 2 up to your ear to hear the tones. 
  • No Oven-off feature in Motion Sensing Mode
  • LED’s Patterns between ‘modes’ that the version with Simon doesn’t have. 


Update 1:  It still early days, so we aren’t sure if this 2nd version is an anomoly, the second in a series of versions, or a complete mistake on the part of PAX Labs.  We will keep an eye on everything and update as we hear more.


Update 2: Scott Dunlap, CMO of PAX Labs, chronic Redditor and FOB has unleashed a bombshell.  More than two firmware versions, and set completely at random.  


Update 3:  How is Funkytown played?  According to Scott Dunlap, the oven vibrates at different frequcies to create the tones.  Wanna turn it off?  Go into temp control mode, and press the button 5 times rapidly.


Update 4:  Apparently Simon has unlocks on the 20’s.  At 40, new colors are available for Simon.  @ 60?  We’re working on it.   


Big thanks to Andrew Saad, Sneaky Pete, Vape Critic, /r/ploompax, /r/vaporents, FC, VaporizerWizard, my own PAX 2 Boogaloo, and most especially & definitely VaporReviewBlog! Truth is though, none of this would have been possible without Joey.  Joey…Joey is the man.


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