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No, no, we aren’t making Panini’s or Reubens in our PAX 1, but we’re definitely making a sandwich… What we’re about today though is the PAX Sandwich from, makers of fine titanium nails and tools, eNails, and the sickest aluminum grinders we’ve seen in a long time. The Sandwich allows you to load very small amounts in the PAX (different sizes for PAX 1 & 2).  With the Sandwich, If you don’t have enough for a full oven, you’ll still be able to vape what you have and vape it perfectly.  The Sandwich not only allows you to load smaller amounts, it also increases efficiency, in our opinion. (Queue the Vaporist firing squad)  Efficiency could be the dirtiest word in the vaporizer industry, so lets rewind a bit.  


 We covered the PAX Sandwich for the PAX 1 previously, and have now spent considerable time with it.  While not a perfect accessory, its absolutely one we can’t live without.  Why isn’t it perfect?  Its metal, and it lives in the heating chamber, so its going to get hot.   How hot?  Pretty hot.  Just like the inside of the oven lid gets hot.  No different.  So best is to let it cool, but if you need to reload right away, just make sure you dump it into metal glass or ceramics.  Not your hand.  But that is really its only downside! 



PAX 2 with NewVape’s Sandwich




The Sandwich is CNC”d from Stainless steel, and consists of two parts, the bottom ‘screen’ and top ‘pusher’.  Both sides of the screen are scalloped for proper airflow no matter which way it’s loaded.  The bottom of the pusher is scalloped to aid airflow as well.  It’s up to you how you use it.  You can use the original super thin pax screen and the pusher, or just the Sandwich screen and no pusher if you want to take up just a little space.  (We’ve heard rumors of and adjustable-height pusher, we hope its true)



Remove the screen (recommended) and replace with NewVape’s sculpted screen.


 The bottom screen is cut so that it does not stay in the unit.  You read that right, NewVape actually wants you to take out the screen each time you empty or load the Sandwich.   We thought this was a bit bonkers at first, but when they explained that removing it each time to rub it down with your fingers keeps the air channels free of gunk, we got on board in two seconds.  They’ve increased flow a bit, so if you want to maintain that flow, you have to make sure the channels are good.  We love airflow here, the more the better so we totally get the why behind the fit of the bottom screen.  



PAX 2 Sandwich

No Screen, PAX Sandwich Screen, Loaded with .06gr, with PAX Sandwich Top Pusher


 The grinding, loading, powering on, etc aspects of each and every vape session are very ritualistic.  Loading bowls and rolling joints…same.  This is just one more part of our ritual now, one we gladly incorporated.  Don’t like the gunk on your fingers?  Run your fingers through your hair a few times, the hair’s natural oils will strip the residue from your fingers.  Yeah, and now its in your hair, but that isn’t a bad thing.  Necessarily.  …   Where were we?




The Fit is just perfect. And now it comes in an adjustable version!


 The CNC work is top-notch.  These are pretty small parts, and its clear that NewVape has very skilled artisans caressing (and programming!) the machines.  Once loaded into the unit, the original lid should fit flushly.  The metal part of the lid pushes down on the round head of the pusher, keeping your herbs locked in place and evenly distributed.  



At its most basic, the Sandwich fills a void the PAX’s oven, so that you can load just a tiny bit.  True, it does do that.  But what we’ve learned in the last two months is that using the sandwich creates a different experience.  And, we feel, increases efficiency.   A normal fully filled PAX oven is hit by heat on the perimeter only.  Take a hit or two , and take off the lid…You will see a bowl that is brown around the outside, and green on the inside.  The PAX sandwich does an exceedingly good job of distributing the heat evenly across the herbs its sandwiching.  



Normal PAX 2 load on the left, (.22gr) and Pax Sandwich load (.06gr) on the right



That added pressure (even slight) compared to herbs just sitting in the normal oven seems to really increase what we were getting out of the loads. (Shades of Rosin technique here)  A normal full oven for us weighed .22g, and with the Pax Sandwich we only used .06g.  With those amounts, we got the following hits: full bowl  15-17 hits* ( ~ -013gr per hit)  vs 6-7 hits ( .085 gr per hit) which is a crazy increase.  



PAX 2 Sandwich – .06gr


PAX 2 Normal – .22gr


Fully vaped Load. Careful, metal can be hot.



The increase in efficiency was crazy…at least we thought so, so that’s why we spent two months with these little beasts before writing about it.  Multiple people, consistent bowl sizes, w/  hit records kept.  There’s just no question…  The Pax Sandwich is absolutely legit. 


           pax250buynopw          newvape


* ‘Hits’ being number of hits before we got to the roasty toasty ‘what just happened’ hit.  



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