Take the PAX 2 to New Levels.  See what I did there?

The PAX 2 is an impressive vaporizer.  Refined, more interactive, smaller, better/longer battery life.  New colors.  Easier charging.  Less mouthpiece hassles.  But nowhere in the literature does it mention ‘improved vapor quality’ or ‘much easier to draw’ or ‘works with concentrates and water pipes’.  NewVape is out to change that.  First with the PAX Sandwich which we can attest definitely makes either the PAX 1 or PAX 2 more efficient, and allows you to load much smaller amounts than you normally could.  


NewVape has just followed the Sandwich up with the PAX 2 WPA.  It’s CNC’d out of aluminum, fits both male and female ground glass joints, whether they are 14 or 18mm.


PAX 2 Water Adapter and Pax 2 Sandwich

Need 18mm female for PAX 1? Male 14mm for PAX 2? NewVape has you covered.

The Adapter has a raised area that allows you to power the PAX 2 on and off while inserted into the WPA.  8 vent holes surround this raised area, allowing for plenty of airflow.  I say plenty, but keep in mind the PAX is not a unit with high flow…normally.  NewVape is working on that, but we’ll get to that another day.  



Plenty of airflow, power control, and hopefully soon…colors.


THe PAX 2 WPA allows the PAX 2 to sit inside, but not tightly.  The allows a small amount of air to join the flow, allowing for a more pleasureable airflow.   Its also nice not to have to hold a hot vaporizer in your hand.    The PAX 2 WPA also triggers the capacitve sensor, allowing all party modes to function on the PAX 2.  



NewVape Grinder pendant with the WPA and PAX 2

The WPA offered us a few more benefits than just being able to use it on our water devices.  We didn’t have to hold it in our hands which is annoying when it gets warm.  Its a great angled mount to hold the unit as you load it.  It allowed us to create more draw rate compared to using just the PAX 2 alone, which we thought would make the PAX 2 buckle under the added pressure of high flow, but true to form the PAX 2 has raged hard in the WPA without any degradation of vapor quality.   


As an added bonus, NewVape sent me this new PAX finishing grinder they have been working on.  There’s a lot of grinders on the market, and this is just a simple two piece.  I wasn’t expecting much…until I saw the bi-directional teeth, and the resultant  herb perfectly shredded to tiny bits, but not powdered into dust.  Like, there was ZERO dust.  Just tiny little morsels that created a slightly thicker vapor in the PAX, a result of crazy amounts of surface area the finishing grinder creates.  


PAX 2 Finishing Grinde

There really is a bit of a science to getting a grinder to work properly for your intended vape. This finishing grinder nailed the right size for the PAX. We can’t wait for the three piece version.


Truth be told, our first hit was a bit thin on vapor exhale.  I didn’t even finish the thought before my knees buckled and I nearly fell over.  You know how some vapes don’t produce crazy-thick vapors, but the effect is still if not more intense?   I vape A LOT, and I saw stars on the first hit with this setup.   That’s what you can expect here.  The PAX 2 is a great vape by itself.,  but with a PAX Sandwich and the ability to use it with water devices, NewVape is taking the PAX exactly where it needs to go.  More efficient, more capable.  More adaptable.  More YOU.  Whatever that is.  


PAX 2 Water Adapter and Pax 2 Sandwich

Load, Lift, Launch.


The PAX isn’t perfect for everyone, but NewVape allows you to tweak most of the experience, so even people that were on the fence, like me, are now able to use the PAX 2 in a way that works more for my style of vaping.  


Got Glass?  Got a PAX 1 or 2?  Its time they hooked up.  

NewVape PAX 2 Water Pipe Adapter & PAX Sandwich

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