PAX 2  Award

Well its official.  The PAX 2 is Award winning.   PAX Labs entered the PAX 2 in the  A’ Design Awards , the world’s largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. The won the  Bronze A’ Design Award in the category of Digital and Electronic Devices Design


 This is not county fair blue ribbon, the A’ Series grand  jury consists of  internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.


We took a look at their profile page, and found this interesting tidbit” 

While making an industry-leading device smaller, we had to innovate utilizing space more efficiently. The design was based on iterative trial and error and many user studies. The goal was to improve on what we’d learned with PAX 1. Another challenge was securing the internal assemblies into the device shell. We combined a more tamper-proof anchoring mechanism with the device charging contacts, solving two problems, and used a complex light pipe system that minimized the space needed to 4 LEDs.


It’s odd that the two main obstacles had nothing to do with vapor…but a great design it is, nonetheless.  This is great for PAX Labs, great for the vaporization industry, and great for helping just a little bit to push our industry completely mainstream. 


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