Ploom Inc. announced today that it has sold off all Ploom intellectual property rights to JTI of Japan, and has restructured into Pax Labs Inc.  JTI will acquire Ploom’s modelTwo, pods product line and also the  “Ploom” trademark, and all of the  general IP related to modelTwo and pods. As part of the deal, Ploom will purchase JTI’s minority share of the company.  


In plain terms, this means that Ploom will become two separate wholly-owned companies, JTI, and Pax Labs.  A website currently redirects to, but we expect that to change soon.  


The move allows both companies to focus on their core products; JTI specializes in tobacco,  and Pax Labs will sharpen its focus only on the marijuana industry which is currently experiencing exponential growth.   We posted recently about the trademark filing for PAX2, so its clear that Pax Labs is dedicated to focusing its efforts and assets soley towards its herbal vape.  I’ve used the Ploom Model 2 tocacco vape, and I think Pax Labs was extremely wise to part ways with it.  I have never, ever, seen a Ploom modelTwo in the wild.  


Beware of counterfeit Pax’s!  Always purchase from the manufacturer or Authorized Retailers



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