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Pushing the Industry Forward

The explosion of vaporizers and e-cigs has caused alot of poorly made and ill-conceived vapes to hit the market, especially with portable units.  Some designs look cool, but don’t function well, others work great but are poorly made.  Enter the Pax.

There was so much buzz around the Pax when it came out, but I thought it was all hype.  No company had made a portable unit that hit it out of the park yet.  We all want a vape that can fit in our pocket, last a long time, and work efficiently.  Is that asking too much?

Ploom, the company behind the Pax, didn’t think so.  They ignored what every other company was doing, and started from scratch to create what they hoped would be the perfect portable vape.  This conduction style vape has a sleek design, just a 4in long aluminum tube, shaped like an over sized bic lighter that fits perfectly in your hand.  THe mouthpeice recesses inside the vape and also acts as the power button.


Pax Vaporizer Review 3

The Pax fits in the Pocket well.



The pax has a lithium-ion battery that heats an ‘oven’ as they call it to bake your herbs.   Use is simple:  Load the oven, click the mouthpeice up to turn it on, and when the indicator light turns green, the Pax is ready to go.

You aren’t able to draw from this vape easily, there is a certain restriction to the air flow by design, to prevent the oven from cooling down to low.  Its like drinking a shake through a straw.  Major drawback for me, I like taking easy natural breaths.  The taste was initially great…better flavor than most portables, to be sure, but towards the end of the bake, the flavor turned a bit…plasticy.


Pax Vaporizer Review 2

The Pax’s inner temperature control button.




My loafs were being a bit over baked at first, but under the mouthpeice is a temperature adjustment with three levels of heat.  I was on high, so I lowered it to medium and it was almost perfect, it just didn’t bake evenly.   Keeping the temperature adjustment inside keeps the design super clean.  The unit gets a little warm, but never hot.  Don’t try and reload it right away…the oven can certainly be too hot to touch.

Ploom packed a lot of technology into the Pax.  The indicator light changes colors to convey many things, like heat level, battery life, and standby mode.  There is even a party mode setting, check the video on how to trigger it.  They must have put an accelerometer in it as well, as any movement whatsoever will pull it out of standby mode.   Crazy.

Ploom spent a chunk of change on the packaging, but I would have preferred that they put that money towards a travel case of some kind.  The Pax comes with a charging stand, but I would have preferred USB charging, but that would have negatively impacted the design.

pax vaporizer specs

The Pax is a great vape.  Its extremely easy to use and has good battery life.  But it feels that Ploom focused more on design than they did function.  The draw is difficult, but with patience it can be manageable. The uneven baking can be mitigated by stirring, but that also requires you to repack the oven.  The taste at the end of the loaf is noticably poor, I think using less plastic internally might help.    I use the Pax, but only when situation demands. Its strongest feature is its design, and as much as I appreciate good design, I can’t sacrifice function for it.   When sitting around at home, the Pax stays on the shelf.  But as soon as I am headed out, its the first thing I grab.

VERDICT: Ultra easy to use, sleek design, decent battery life. Buy it!  


 Pax Portable Vaporizer
   Cost   $249.99
   Heat-up time   ~ 1 minute
   Style   Conduction
   Warranty  10 Year
   MFR   Ploom
  Made in   China


Beware of counterfeit Pax!  Always buy from an Authorized Retailer.

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Best Purchase Ever

Dec 15, 2014 by Avidploomer
Would You Recommend It?: Yes 

Of all of the purchases I have made in my life I have never been as satisfied with any product as I am with the Pax vaporizer. It is my prized possession. Some say she is like the high maintenance hot chick. However she is the sexiest chick in the world and worth the maintenance. The Pax not only looks great but is incredibly discrete. There is a slight smell that will be noticed by those who smoke weed however used outdoors there is no problem. I have used my vape on many crowded beaches and have never gotten any looks. At first I was not entirely satisfied with how she ran but the Pax is not your standard easy to use vape. It takes some time and practice to get the technique down but once you do she is amazing. I highly recommend doing some research into the Pax before you use it. The tips people will give you are not just suggestions they are necessary for proper vaporizing. I have found that there are three techniques necessary for the best vapor quality
1) Make sure your material is very finely ground. I bought a grinder specifically for the Pax. (Something I highly recommend) If your material is not finely ground it will greatly affect the vapor thickness and quality.
2) You MUST pack the oven completely. I pack approximately .4 grams (no less than .3 grams) firmly into the oven. If your oven is not packed firmly or completely it will dramatically decrease the vapor thickness and quality.
3) There is a technique to hitting the Pax. The slower you hit the Pax the thicker the vapor will be. If you rip it like a bong you will not get a good hit. Hit the vape as slow as possible and take a five to ten second break in between hits. I have had countless people new to hitting my vape say "I don't think I got anything." Nine out of ten times it is because they are pulling the Pax to hard. Just remember sip it, don’t rip it.
Other than that the rest is personal preference. I personally pack a .4 every time and start the pack on low temperature. This is where you get the best tasting vapor. There is nothing like the first few hit where you can taste the weeds unique pallet of flavors. Every different strain tastes different and unique. After about nine hits on low I take a quick break to stir the oven. This prevents the weed at the bottom of the oven from over baking and creating a nasty tasting vapor. After stirring the oven with a key, I firmly pack all of the weed down and put the oven lid on. I then turn the Pax up to medium heat. This is where the Pax will "rip". The vapor will not taste as good however these first few hits will pack a punch. I will cough for the first few hits on medium every time. After about nine hits on medium the pack will be kicked. The best way to tell if the pack is kicked is by the taste. After some experience with the Pax you will be able to judge when the pack is kicked very easily.
One of the coolest things about vaping is really get to notice the different highs you can get from different strains. It is something I love about vaping. Other important notes on the Pax are that the quality of the weed makes a noticeable difference in the Pax. Any avid Pax user will agree that higher quality weed makes a noticeable difference. On another note, some people complain that the Pax is too high maintenance. I personally don't find it to be any harder than cleaning a glass piece. I clean my vape every 7 to 10 uses and cleaning takes no more than 10 minutes. As long as you keep your Pax clean I don't see how you could run into any problems, and if you do the Pax comes with a 10 year warranty. I personally don't see the Pax ever breaking. The only result of the occasional fumble is the mouth piece and oven will shoot out resulting in weed spilling out. Even the occasional fumble doesn't seem to harm my Pax.
This was the best $250 I have ever spent. Even if my Pax were to break and it wasn’t covered by warranty I would still buy a new one. All of my friends love my Pax and I would recommend the Pax to anyone interested in purchasing a portable dry herb vape. Best investment I’ve ever made definitely a 10/10. – Sincerely, an avid Pax user.

Great Smoke but beware the warranty

Aug 28, 2014 by Dave
Would You Recommend It?: No 

- Very portable
- Very sleek design
- Easy to clean
- Great Flavour

- Not as durable as they lead you to believe
- Proprietary Charger
- High price
- Slippery finish can lead to droppage

I won't recommend this to anybody because of one thing...they won't repair them outside of warranty and don't offer a pay for repair service. I dropped it before I'd used it 4 times while filling the oven and a 3 foot drop to my kitchen floor bent the housing such that the door wouldn't go back in. Fortunately the housing is actually pretty thin and I was able to bend it back (though not without leaving marks in the finish). I contacted Ploom to see if it could be repaired in case the drop broke it in any way and the answer was no.

If anything happens to your Pax outside what's covered by the warranty, it's finished! For a $250 device, I'm not okay with that. Had I known, I'd have bought something's just too risky. Kind of takes the steam out of the 10 year warranty.

That said, their chat support was fast and easy to use. They were very's just too bad their answer was 'we can't do anything for you'.

If they offered repair or it was built tough, I'd rate 4 or even 5 stars...otherwise I'm having a blast smoking out of it!

If money is not an issue, go for it!

Nov 26, 2013 by Abhi
Would You Recommend It?: Yes 

Overall, the Pax by Ploom is a solid portable vaporizer with good battery life and great design.

Taste: 4 out of 5. At first, the taste of your dried herbs is great, but towards the end it starts to taste a bit plastic-y. Not a huge deal but hopefully the next design or update can address this issue.

Ease of use: 5 out of 5. Extremely easy to use. This is truly the future of vaporizing as it allows you to vaporize your herbs almost anywhere whilst also being discreet.

Price(Value for the $): 3.5 out of 5. Pax is offering a solid product at a slightly expensive, but fair price. Similar to Apple products like the Macbook Pro, it seems overly expensive compared to it's competitors, but once it's in your hands you won't want to use anything else.

Conclusion: Definitely would recommend it to anyone who isn't on a strict budget. If you're looking for something a bit cheaper that doesn't focus too much on design and battery life, maybe check out something like the MFLB. For design, functionality, and on the go vaping for dried herbs, Pax is winning the game.

Worth the Price?...Maybe

Nov 04, 2013 by Alex Kaftol
Would You Recommend It?: Yes 

– Taste: 4 out of 5
--Great flavor at any temperature, but it vaporizes quickly.

– Ease of Use: 4 out of 5
--Easy to use, not easy to clean.

– Price (Value for the $): 3 out of 5
--Worth the money in materials and function, but cleaning and maintaining it continues to cost.

– Conclusion/recommendation: 4 out of 5; would recommend.
--Not the best value, but a superb device in both function and design.

The Pax is incredible!!

Dec 12, 2012 by Peter

I love the sleek and discreet design of the Pax. The heat up time is really fast even when the battery is running low. Only takes about an hour and a half to charge once you've drained the battery. I've tried a couple of other portable vapes and this one is by far the best bang for your buck.

4.2 5.0 5 5 Of all of the purchases I have made in my life I have never been as satisfied with any product as I am with the Pax vaporizer. It is my prized possession. Some say she is like the Pax by Ploom
  • Gary Lamb

    I have had mine a little under a year. I followed all the instructions on cleaning/maintaining the device, but… The power button has almost stop working. I have to hold the power button in for a few seconds- up to a minute to get it to power on, and then it’ll shut off as fast as it came on. I have contacted the company on several occasions, with an answer from the product submit page to my email, (please provide a address to have it shipped in). Okay I did weeks ago with nothing since. Poor service!

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  • Erik Pye

    Fun Tricks & Hidden Easter Eggs on The Newest Version of the Pax?! Here’s a Run-Down:

    Pax 2 Party Mode Timer: All four lights are stationary. When the Pax 2 is moved the lights jump into a random light configuration, occasionally one or more of the lights are very dim or off. If the Pax 2 is held face down the lights flicker and change rapidly. Lip sensor activation makes the lights flicker and change rapidly for up to 10 seconds. At 10 consecutive seconds of lip sensor activation the lights freeze. Removing your lips and replacing them starts another 10 second flicker display. Oven is on. Standby disabled.

    Pax 2 Party Mode: All four lights are different and cycle through different colors. There appears to be a rhythm/pattern to the color cycle. Lip sensor activation increases speed of color change. Oven is on. Standby timer extended to one minute between sensing movement or lip.

    – See more at:

  • eldrad

    the pax is exactly like a new born baby. So exciting to have in the house but god, the cleaning effort is incredible. I have t clean my daily which can be a pain in the arse.

    also annoyed of how sensitive the charger is, should have been a plug in rather than a cradle that needs the pax to sit exactly right to make a connection,,,, very annoying

    now my Pax is stuck in Med oven temp and it wont change to Hot
    anything other than hot is useless.

    i will not buy another pax

    • Vape-ologist

      Based on your experience, I wouldn’t buy another either. Its just that your experience is extremely rare. Pax sells so well because it (normally) delivers exactly the opposite experience that you had. Could it be a fake?

  • Matias

    I bought the PAX. I could never use it because the Charging Base was broken. Ploom never took really care of my case and did not honor their warranty. Be careful the Charging Base has a very bad quality.

    • Vape-ologist

      We heard rumors of PAX charging stations having issues, so we checked with the company and indeed there was a bad batch of chargers. The problem has been acknowledged, and since then been rectified. They claimed that all people that contacted them were taken care of.

      Contact them, and just a tip, don’t yell. You’ll get alot further.

  • Ryan

    Pax is one of the best vaporizers on the market. I use mine mostly at home as I replaced my SSV with the Pax. I love the flavor and once you are use to the toke it offers, this baby gets you really ripped. The one thing that sets this vaporizer aside from others is I actually get stoned. I have owned many vapes & can say with confidence the Pax is one of my favorite, no more popcorn flavor!

  • James

    Please don’t waste your money on Pax if you are considering purchasing it. It is completely not worth it – you get no vapor at all – and apparently that’s how it’s supposed to work? Plus, the company is more concerned about if your unit is counterfeit (mine wasn’t) than actually helping. Choose literally any other vaporizer than Pax.

  • Mack

    I just purchased the Pax soley on your recommendation of it. I regretfully purchased another vape almost 2 years ago and which I had read this before doing so. The pax has definitely renewed my faith in vaping.

  • Joseph

    Recently bought one. Grossly defective. I was reimbursed full amount of sale and told to keep it. To me, this is a sign that there is a large batch of defective units in the market place. Very reluctant to purchase another one. Though the PAX received great reviews, I am no longer confident about what the product is ranked up to be. Looking for something else.

    • Jeff

      You clearly bought from a non authorized seller. Ploom does not handle defective units that way.