The Pax by Ploom is a superbly well-designed vaporizer.  Cleaning needs to happen regularly to keep it in top form, so we show you how to keep it running smooth in the video above.  Have a Pax cleaning tip?  Let us know in the comments.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist back here once again with another cleaning video, this time Im cleaning the Pax by Ploom.  This a mighty little vape but it comes with a cleaning kit…so you know that this thing is going to need it sooner or later.  

The cleaning kit comes with pipe cleaners, sterilizing wipes, and now it comes with mouthpiece lubricant, but my Pax didn’t have that so I had to improvise today.  The sterilizing wipes are only for the mouthpiece when sharing between users, so while technically they are for cleaning, I didn’t use them today, and used Isopropyl alcohol instead.   

Okay begin by taking out the mouthpiece, there is an indentation on one side and it removes easily.  

Dab a q-tip in the alcohol and pat a paper towel or whatever you have to get rid of any excess, and clean the inside of the MP.  It has tight corners down there, so really get down in there.  

Then with a pipe cleaner, clean the inside of the stainless shaft.

Using a dental tool, try and get inside the grooves and the tiny hole in the mouthpiece.  

We head to the other end of the Pax, and remove the oven lid.  These grooves can get funky, so get in there with something strong to remove it if needed.  

The bottom lid gets pretty dirty, but a Q-tip will take care of it.  

Use a pipe cleaner to clean the top end of the vapor path, and if you push hard, you can push out the screen on the other end.  Be careful that it doesn’t fly away.

Use a q-tip in the oven…and a metal pick for stubborn areas.  

Then scrub the ‘screen”

You won’t ever get it fully clean, but definitely fully functional.

Reinsert the screen( whose ‘holes’ are etched, and really exist on the outer edge…) and push down until its tight.  

Lastly we just need to lubricate the mouthpiece, to make sure this piece slides easily.  Pax Makes a special lubricant for this, and that is what I recommend.  Mine didn’t come with any and I had something similar, so I used it instead.  Use Pax’s…because if you use the wrong kind, you could be without a Pax for a while.  

After you lubricate it, use a qtip to remove any excess, reinsert back into the Pax, click on and off a few times, and you’re done!

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