During a media call this week with Wells Fargo Tobacco Talk Conference Call Series- PAX Labs(formerly Ploom) CEO James Monsees and Adam Bowen spoke of plans PAX Labs has for future innovation, and the most interesting was a new eCig product that uses what Monsees referred to as a “game changer’ promising ‘hockey stick growth’ for five year old company.  The PAX 1 was a huge success for the company, who recently sold off their Ploom IP to JTI of Japan, as Ploom focused on tobacco leaf products and PAX Labs wanted to focus soley on the vaporization of blends and  eliquids.  A quick trademark search for PAX Labs turned up a registration for the name “Juul’  or JUUL as they are wont to do.  Could the Juul eCig be what Monsees was referring to? Or is it a new model in the PAX herbal line?


 PAX labs has recently rebranded after the Ploom/JTI sale, and is now located online at paxvapor.com.  A quick ‘whois’ search of juulvapor.com yeilded the exact same registrant information as paxvapor.com.  All this means is that Juul is probably the name.  Considering this industry already has an Atmos Jewel, seems like an odd choice of names.  


The ‘revolutionary’ product Monsees says, is different from other eCig approaches as theirs will offer a proprietary eLiquid that mimics the ‘salts’ that traditional cigarettes also produce and using those salts will allow the nicotine to be absorbed faster than current methods, and also requiring less liquid to be used.  


“All the e-cigs on the market are basically using the same chemistry–nicotine in its pure form,” Bowen said. “If you look at cigarettes, what you find are nicotine salts: nicotine complexed with organic acid to form a salt. This was a huge discovery.”


Monsees said thier eCig will be “an e-cigarette—but an e-cig that’s fundamentally different.”  But focusing on nicotine uptake, the company is indeed taking a new approach.  The product will assuredly be a premium product to keep to the ethos.  There was no name for the product, nor design or pricepoint offered by Monsees.  He suggested premium placement, so they must have distrobution in a huge variety of locations.  We aren’t sure exactly who the demographic here is.  A chronic modder, or someone who buys disposables at a gas station.  Both, if the nicotine uptake is truly faster and more efficient.  


Run the Juul’s soon?  Most likely, but we’ll have to stay tuned a little longer…No date was annouced for the new product, but Monsees claimed “within weeks” so of course we will update you as we can.  

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  • chan

    Got my 2 days ago. This is a big disappointment. Every capsule leak so once you vape, you will get ton of juice in your mouth which taste awful and dangerous (I assume). No customer services at all. This is a big rip off and scam.