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More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. A deeper oven allowing a satisfyingly consistent draw. An elegant, ergonomically redesigned mouthpiece that senses the presence of your lips. A more efficient battery, and intelligent heating and cooling systems to optimize usage. An elegant anodized aluminum surface and integrated LED indicator.

Pax 2 Black

After weeks of speculation, PAX 2 has been officially announced!  PAX Labs is on a mission.  After recently parting ways with their Ploom tobacco brand, and dropping the price of the original PAX to $199, they follow up this week with an announcement that the PAX2 is finally here!  We caught this on’s blog today.  The Price has increased $30!  We are a bit shocked by this, but here’s what you get for the money:

 PAX 2 Announced

“A stunning array of innovations and improved functionality”


Self Optimizing 

  • Higher battery capacity for 30% longer runtime. Deeper oven with more even, efficient heating. Editors note:  A deeper oven that is also not as wide.  They don’t claim increased capacity, just ‘deeper’.
  • Four heat settings as opposed to three on the OG PAX.  “lip sensing technologies” that optimize power and temp during use.  That explains the extra $30. 

Streamlined Design

  • One button interface, minimal maintenance, magnetic charging dock.
  • 25% smaller than PAX 1 and 10% lighter.

Elegant & Fun

They are actively marketing that the ‘party mode’ as an ‘entertaining social experience”. Editor’s note:  This is listed under  “A stunning array of innovations and improved functionality” although it existed in the old PAX 1.  

PAX 2 Charging Dock

The PAX 2 Charging Dock

 PAX 2 Specs

AVAILABLE COLORS – Charcoal, Platinum, Topaz, Flare
EXTERIOR MATERIAL – Transverse Brushed Anodized Aluminum
DEVICE DIMENSIONS – 3.87 x 1.21 x 0.85
OVEN DIMENSIONS – 18.5mm x 8.6mm x 10mm
BATTERY – Lithium-ion battery recharges in 2-3 hours via USB or AC wall adaptor.
HEAT TIME – Takes less than a minute to fully heat. Green means go.
HEATING ELEMENT – Thin film Kapton heater flex
INTERNAL ACCELEROMETER – Detects motion to put PAX in standby-mode when not in use to conserve battery life and oven contents.
MATERIALS – Vapor path is constructed entirely from medical grade components. All plastic components are food-safe engineering plastics of the highest quality available.




 Orders can be placed now, with PAX2’s shipping April 2!


 Features  PAX 1   PAX 2
 Auto cooling    X
 Self-optimizing temperature and power    X
 Integrated mouthpiece and power button    X
 Motion and lip-detection heat system    X
 Party Mode  X  X
 Battery capacity  2600 mAh   3000mAh
 Temperature settings  3  4
 Charger  AC  Magnetic USB charging cradle
 Oven Dimensions  22.6mm x 8.5mm x 9.10mm  18.5mm x 8.6mm x 10mm
 External Dimensions  4.15” x 1.37” x 0.91”  3.87” x 1.21” x 0.85”
 Weight  102 grams  92 grams
PRICE $199.99 $279.99

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