Persei Concentrate Vaporizer  – THC Scientific (makers of Omicron)


Persei Kit

The Persei Vaporizer is a very portable active conduction/convection, direct draw oil vaporizer. Made in China, the Persei uses a variable voltage design with lithium ion batteries. It can produce 200 vapor hits off a single 18650 3.7v battery. This is a cartridge vaporizer and operates much like THC Scientific’s Omicron, although the Persei uses a dual cartridge system. The first cartridge liquefies the oil and the second cartridge vaporizes this liquid. The air path is separated from the battery. Each cartridge is made of stainless steel with a resistor wire/ceramic inside. The main part of the Persei is manufactured from stainless steel.  One cartridge can hold 10.g of essential oil extract.  The Persei includes a 1 year warranty on the battery and body, but no warranty on the cartridges.


how it works

The Persei is THC Scientific’s next evolution of their vaporizer since the Omicron.  The Persei is extremely pocketable and concealable and gets good battery life.  There is a substantial learning curve on this unit, but once dialed in it produces flavorful clouds that compare with other oil consumption techniques.





  • very portable and pocketable
  • with the right technique and right cartridges, produces great flavorful clouds
  • good looking
  • modular design allows for dual oil cartridge as well as future cartridges produced by THC Scientific
  • good battery life (30 minute continual session time)


  • steep learning curve
  • right now only for oil
  • some cartridges seem to produce a metallic flavor due to machine oil not being washed or due to wire oxidation in high voltage devices – THC Scientific is addressing these issues
  • heating cartridge to get oil to drop can be frustrating
  • using the wrong batteries for a specific cartridge can either cause batteries to deplete very quickly or cause cartirdge coils to melt
  • incorrect priming of a cartridge can cause cartridge to fail when attempting to vaporize
  • made in China
  • cartridge materials, specifically resistor wire, are not ideal

I would not recommend the Persei for beginners or for anyone looking for a simple, low learning curve oil vaporizer.  I think THC Scientific has a really great product on their hand, but I think a little bit of fine-tuning is necessary to make it worth the $199.99 price tag.  In some ways, the Persei feels like it’s still in beta testing, and I don’t think waiting a little longer for them to work out all the kinks is a bad idea.  Once they’ve confirmed the cartridge issues have been corrected, I have faith that the Persei will be one of the best concentrate vaporizers on the market.  It appears they’re on it and intent on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, so I would definitely keep an eye out for a revision for all you oil fiends.  They’re also developing an herbal cartridge for use with the Persei.  Once the kinks are worked out and the herbal cartridge is available, the Persei will be an actual vaporization platform and the price tag will be more warranted.

7/10 – (8/10 once cartridge issues are resolved and herbal chamber is available)