Plenty Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Tastes Great
  • Easy Loading
  • Awkward UX
  • Chamber Very Hot After Use
  • Auto Shutoff is PITA
4.2Overall Score
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No Seriously, Like Clown Shoes

Huge Shoes.  There is just no other way to say it.  The Plenty Vaporizer hails from the same company that brought you the Volcano vaporizer.   Those are big shoes to fill, I think the Volcano, despite its steep price is without a doubt the finest vaporizer on the market  – without rival – so the Plenty must meet some pretty lofty expectations.  

Those expectations were dampened a bit when I first saw the Plenty, Its….a bit industrial looking.  Black and orange, all plastic-drill-like with some sort of drain pipe cleaner on the end. And this thing is technically a whip vape  And its definitely weird.  

Out of the box there is the heating unit, the cooling tube, and a bag of accessories: screens, a liquid pad which is like a soft disc of compressed wire, like a brillo pad but …different…and some extra screens and a brush.  A plastic grinder is included, and I am sure that if Storz and Bickel made it that is probably ballistic plastic and will last forever.  I usually use metal grinders, so we’ll see how this stands up for a couple of months.  

Just plug the unit it and turn it on   …   and again like the Volcano the Plenty’s cord is a bit short for this industry, really like to see a 12+ foot cord on this….  Use the guide on the card to judge your temp range and set the dial accordingly and squeeze the trigger.    This turns the heater on and you should quickly see the dial moving up.

Plenty Vaporizer Review  1

The cooling coil does a great job.



  It will only take about 60-90 seconds to get to temp, and it should be ready to go. Load up your herbs in the chamber, and use the ‘liquid pad’ to fill the void if you only want to use a little.  If you don’t, the herbs will be able to move around in the chamber creating large air voids and that will allow the air to move around the herbs and not through them.  The liquid pad can also be used for …you guessed it, liquid nicotine and herbal extracts.  It definitely worked  and surprisingly well, and the pad is absolutely flavorless.  

Plenty Vaporizer Review

This certification means business.



The Plenty forgoes the fan and bag system of the volcano and is a directdraw device, so just squeeze the grip and inhale, moderately slowly.  You don’t have to squeeze the grip but I always do so that its stays in range more consistently.   I did notice that it would take a draw or two to get the herbs up to temp, and then the vapors were nice and thick.  There is no restriction to your draw, but I found its best not to draw too fast. Use caution after you finish the chamber, the metal inside can be very hot.  It takes a few minutes to cool down.

There is an auto shutoff on the heater with a forced delay so if it turns off, just squeeze the handle to turn it back on.  It would be nice if they could add an accelerometer inside, so that the heater knows from its movement to keep the heater on.   

I scoured the internet trying to find out if the Plenty uses the exact same heating element that the Volcano uses, but honestly could not find anything that was authoritative.  Anyone with  hard data please leave me a note in the comments… That being said it looks similar so I hope the durability is the same.   

Plenty Vaporizer Review

This is a legit warning unless you like the smell of burnt flesh.



The cooling tube does a good job of cooling things, the base is usually hot so be careful, but near the mouthpiece is always nice and cool.   Its very effective.  I like the rubber pieces that hold the cooling tube to the mouthpiece and unit, a good flexible design.  I never tasted anything other that what I had loaded up, so they chose good materials. I would love to see less plastic.    I would say its nearly as effective as the Volcano, just not as foolproof. Like the volcano the Plenty’s heating element stays hot for a long time and provides very consistent results.  Whether you’re a veteran or new to vaping, the plenty has little to no learning curve.  

Other than a short cord, and having to pass one or two empty draws to get it going, this thing performed as well as I had hoped.  The purity and effectiveness of the vapors was excellent.   Same german standard of quality and build excellence that I spoke of in the Volcano review.  This vape has a little more flexibility than the volcano, and doesn’t really sacrifice much. I’d like to see some ground glass attachments come from the company, I think with a one-way valve the plenty could be used with water pipes,  I guess this is technically a whip vape, and other than the SSV and DBV,  I don’t know of a whip-style vape at this price range that I would recommend more.  This is a great vape that you would be proud to own.

VERDICT:  No toolbox should be without one.
 Plenty Vaporizer
   Cost   $359.99
   Heat-up time   ~ 3 minutes
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   3 Year 
   MFR   Storz & Bickel
  Made in   Germany


  • Jon Doe

    Useless warrantee. Less than one year top piece loosened to the point that tightening it sufficiently to keep it on during use caused plastic threads to crack. I explained this before sending it in, but still they instructed me to send it. After arriving they determined the unit had been dropped, then offered me a used one for around $270. It cost me over $300 new. Beware.