I recently got my hands on a FLiR thermal camera, and instantly got out all my current portables to see which ones stayed the coolest after they had been on for awhile.  What I found was a bit surprising.  No mystery here, the image above says it all.  But here’s my less-than-scientific method:


All vapes were fully charged before the test.  And while many share the same style of battery(18650’s) they have different capacities and output levels, so my only desire here is that they last until the end of the test.   All vapes were turned to their max temperature, which of course is different on most vapes.  


The ultimate test here isn’t who can get hottest(that’s a whole other post) but what vape does the best job of keeping the heat away from your hand and lips.  


I couldn’t turn each of them on simultaneously so doing a time-based test in one shot was out of the question.  To balance this out, I did not take any pictures until all vapes had been running continously for five minutes, and many had to be cycled numerous times due to auto-shutoff features.  So for five minutes I continuously turned vapes on, trying to simulate a vape being used by multiple people in a session.  


Once I hit the five minute mark, I lined up the vapes and took pictures until the first one turned off again.  That last image is what I used for the article.  I took some video as well, but the FLiR didn’t have a tripod mount so I am going to reshoot that when I can get it rigged properly.  


Of course all portable vapes are going to get warm.  That’s exactly what they’re designed to do!  But proper design(form) should follow function, so which portable does the best job at keeping the heat isolated from you?  We were a little surprised at what we found.  


The Arizer Air, and the Solo to some degree, did an excellent job of isolating the heat from the hand, and also the lips.  The air looks like its barely even on!  It does have a silicone cover on it, but we left it on due to it covering the vent holes on the heater, negating and heat dissipation the silicone offered. 


The Goboof Alfa?  Not so much.  I mean…DAMN that thing gets hot!  To its credit though…I love the Alfa.  It heats up super fast, tastes amazing, and now I know not to rage it in a seesion with someone else who vapes as much as I do.  Its a personal unit, and no more.  Kinda bummed, but I still love it and use it daily.  Awesome vape for winter use! 


As you can see most vapes get warm around the heater obviously, but with varying degrees of ‘insulation'(we use that term VERY loosely) keeping the heat where you need it.  The Quickdraw Pen has a silicone rubber mouthpiece that stays cool along with its battery portion, we were impressed the heat didn’t spread down the entire length.  You can really chief that pen!


The Crafty(2rd from right) looks pretty hot, but its micro fins that run along it make it feel much cooler than it is due to the minimal surface area. Its a smart design until you put it in your purse or pocket and the fins will collect everything and anything they can.  Its a bitch to keep clean.  


Overall I would say the results were mostly as one would expect.  These vapes get hot, because that’s what we want them to do.  But a few vapes have such a design that you don’t have to ever worry about the vape getting too warm in the hand. Huge tip of the hat to Arizer  for putting out not one, but TWO great vapes that stand above the rest as far as heat retention & dissipation.  You truly stand alone.  

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