The Pax by Ploom is clearly the most popular portable vaporizer, and for many reasons.  One small oversight Ploom made, was not making any true protection for the Pax.  They do offer a sleeve, but it only offers marginal protection.  While the Pax is super-durable – It survived our droptest with only a scratch – we’ve been waiting for something more substantial.  Enter: Vaprcase.


It takes a bit of effort to get the Vaprcase on, thats due to its perfectly snug fit.  Getting it on was a bit of an effort, but taking if off is crazy difficult.  You probably won’t need to remove it anyway so its a bit of a moot point.  Theres a window to allow the Pax’s lights to shine through, and the sleeve doesn’t restrict the oven lid or mouthpiece in anyway.  Our only complaint is that there is no coverage for the top and bottom, so even with the sleeve on, if you drop it and it lands on its top or bottom, the Vaprcase won’t help.  But scratches?  You’re fully covered!

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