Theft, in the age of the internet, is far too common.  I have had my IP stolen countless times.  Its a PITA, but there just really isn’t much you can do.  I haven’t put VR logo overlays on my work as I just didn’t want to.  I feel I shouldn’t have to.  Or I did feel that way until I was introduced to aka Vapour Trailz.  They are a bunch of IP thieving hackjobs.  I would never, ever recommend doing business of any kind with these ASSJACKS. 


First they stole my images

The first image I found that they stole only had their shitty website name put on it.

The first image I found that they stole only had their shitty website name put on it.


Ed. Note –  First a caveat:  This isn’t my day job.  Its my absolute passion.  I love marijuana, its effects on both health and wellness.  Vaporizers only deepened my love for this herb, finally we have a method to ingest them without any added bullshit!  I started this site because there were so many people that had misconceptions about vapors, vaporization, and vaporizers.  I do this in my spare time, of which there isn’t much in my life.  But what time I do have, I dedicate to making this site as informative and educational as I can.  I’m an affiliate.   I link to vaporizers that I review, but only from companies that I trust.  Companies that I’ve done business with, and companies that I feel strongly will give you that exact same experience.  Every. Single. Time.  


Sometimes for my vape cutlure stories or AP wire news, I might use other peoples work.  But I ALWAYS credit the owners in the image metadata, caption, and story.  I link to the source.  Always. 


I put effort into the pictures, vidoes and copy that I create.  It takes time, and 99.9x out of 100, I am never compensated for this.   As I said, this is my passion and I don’t do it for money.  Clearly.  


Okay so back to the Assjacks.  As I said my content is often stolen.  People get lazy and don’t want to create their own.  They find it easier to just get on google, find someone elses work, and use it as their own.  Its a super-common problem, but part of life on the internets.  Usually I just ask them to take it down, and they do.  If I have to, I take a DMCA takedown to their hosting company.  The hosting company, looking at potential litigation, usually feels that the $10 a month they are getting from their customer isn’t worth the hassle, and cut them loose.  It costs me time, it costs the host time, and it often ends up costing the offender the site they are poorly trying to run.  


This time….this time is different.  This time, I am not going to the host.  I am not going to waste my time on a DMCA post that no one will ever see.  I am taking matters into my own hands. or Vapour Trail, whoever you are, shame, shame on you.  


They stole my images from this Vaped Flora first impressions post, and used  them on their  retail site.  Okay.  I can deal with that.  That gets you a “hey, cut it out, please take my work down if you don’t want to credit its owner/creator.  On top of stealing the the images, they then put their wesbite on it.  They feel highly enough of the work to try to rebrand it as their own.  As flattering as that is on one hand, its insulting and illegal on the other.  First they stole, it, then they try and own it.  



 They stole, then tried to pretend they didn’t.  

But they went two steps further.  Not only did they steal it.  And rebrand it.  On most of the images they majorly(and very poorly) tried to protect them from further theft by their competitors.  That’s right, they stole images, and went out of their way to make sure you couldn’t steal from them!  Its a piss-poor hack-job from assjack shitsnack amateurs.




 Just because they’re thieves, doesn’t mean they don’t have standards.

 Taking a further look at their poorly laid out site, I began to notice that some other images for other vaporizers didn’t quite look right for a retail site, so I bagan to google search them to find out if there were other instances of them stealing content.  What I found was shocking.  On nearly every vaporizer I searched, they were using content that appeared to originate from another source. appears to be comprised of nothing but content thieves and design scoundrels trying to ride the backs others for their own personal gain.  Everyone else does the hard work, and they try to make a quick buck.  




Google Image Search results. A common thread running through this.

I wish I could say that was the end of the story.  It appears endlessbargainsBLVD dot com isn’t doing well enough to support these theiving assjacks, so top it all off they have just gotten dirtty rotten shitty.  Not only are they stealing my images, rebrandiing them as their own, the adding further security measures so that no one can steal the images from them, they are actually trying to sell the images as framed prints!  And I am clearly not the only one.  


EndlessbargainsBLVD takes being an unscroupulous  asshat to the next level

Last week I did a massive download of all the imagery and text content on their site, and am in the process of cross-referencing every image, product description and bit of media on their site to find its original owner(s).  


So clearly we don’t recommend these tools as a place you should ever buy vape.  If they are so willing to steal, how can you possibly feel safe with them having any access to your financials?  Clearly with scummy behavior like this, there’s no way they can survive as a business.  So tell your friends.  Write your grandma an email. Tell everyone you know to stay the hell away from, clearly a site run by scam artists.



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