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Don’t have enough for a fully loaded chamber?  Pax Sandwich to the rescue.


The Pax is the #1 selling portable for a reason.  Simple function, elegant design, and a price point that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.  Besides its cleaning needs, we love the Pax and its our daily portable herb vape of choice.  We’ve had one huge desire for improving it; the Pax works best when the oven is full.  But what do you do when you only have half a bowl?  You drop in the Pax Sandwich and click it & rip it.  .   


Pax Sandwich

Load the bottom screen, then your herbs, then the top pusher.



The Pax Sandwich allows you to use far less than a full chambers worth of goods.  The Pax Sandwich includes a bottom screen, and the top ‘pusher’ which ensures your blends stay in place. The bottom screen is much thicker than the original Pax screen, so you have the option of using either to fine tune the amount you are loading.  


Pax Sandwich

Just replace the Pax oven lid and you’re good to go.


The Pax Sandwich isn’t just made from 316 medical grade stainless steel.  Its expertly crafted from such.  We can say that with confidence; we were lucky enough be able to visit the shop where Pax Sandwich’s are made in Florida at NewVape.   We saw all phases of production, and were just blown away at how much expertise goes into the machining of such small parts.  NewVape primarily makes a wide array of super-high-end  titanium nails and tools; the Pax Sandwich was born out of necessity.  The owners are huge Pax fans, and instantly saw a need for the Sandwich.  I’ll have a full review of the factory and all that they make later this week.  


Pax Sandwich for your Pax Sandwich.  Beware of counterfiet Pax’s, always purchase from an Authorized Retailer!

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