Review: PUFFiT 2 - Comeback of the Year
Easy to Clean
  • Modular design
  • Improved heater
  • Multiple heat settings
Not Pro
  • Slides out of housing easily
  • Concentrates messy
4.1Huge Turnaround
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Comeback Kid

Yeah, we know.  PUFFiT.  The vape that has no shortage of strong opinions about it, both very positive, and very negative.  The Original PUFFiT works…sort of…but not really…kinda…maybe?.  So with so many awesome portable vaporizers on the scene now we thought PUFFiT was a thing of the past.  Hoped, rather.  Personally we don’t feel a vape should emulate a medical product for an ailment you probably don’t have – unless we’re in the dark as to how many asthmatics pot vapers there are in the US.  


puffit (1 of 9)

Extra Screens, alcohol wipes, concentrate tool, and PUFFiT 2



When PUFFiT 2 was announced, we were beyond surprised.  Shocked, even.  But not nearly as shocked as we were when our order came in the mail.  The PUFFiT2 is a completely new design in almost every way.  


The Design


While the PUFFiT2 maintains its familiar asthma inhaler shape, the internals are completely new.  The plastic ‘inhaler’ outer is merely a simple shell that holds the actual vaporizer.  When we slide the internals out for the first time, we knew instantly this wasn’t the PUFFiT we used to know.  The build quality was apparent from moment one.  The internals are actually two pieces that lock together, the battery section and the oven section:


PUFFiT Battery Section

Here is the battery and the vape portion, disconnected. Extra batteries? Yes Please.


The oven section has a magnetic lid holds your blends or wax container.  Yes, we said wax container, the PUFFiT2 is fully capable of use with extract and concentrates.  But we’ll get back to that.  The oven is modest, but thats to be expected for a vape of this small size.  It sppears to use the now-common miniture thermal blanket wrapped around a metal or ceramic tube.  This type of heater is revolutionizing budget portables, and PUFFiT was wise to choose it as its heater style.  


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The replaceable battery is a nice feature for …everyone who will ever use this vape.  No portable should ever have a non-replaceable battery, something that was difficult on the original PUFFiT. 


The plastic shell is a bit smaller than the previous model, but is far simpler.  It just begs the question:  Since the vaporizer portion comes out so easily, and could fit into nearly anything, what kind of crazy mods can we come up with?  Don’t like the asthma inhaler shell?  Make your own!  


PUFFiT2 Plastic Shell

The vape portion, and the plastic shell.



An easily replaceable screen sits on one end and covers a small hole that the vapors travel through to the user, we just wish the hole were a bit larger to allow for a higher rate of airflow. 


puffit (7 of 9)

This is why you need the plastic shell.




We were shocked at the build quality, which of course set our expectations far higher than they should have been for a vape this size.  Funny thing is though…the PUFFiT2 worked flawlessly. Once we got over the plastic taste of the shell, we were once again shocked at the excellent flavor transfer and quality of vapor.  The heater is adjustable but we found the third level is where you want to be.  The fourth wasn’t combusting, but definitely roasting hard.  Some may enjoy this robust flavor, we just prefer a more pure experience.  


PUFFiT Temp Adjustment

The temp controls are tucked inside the housing.



As we mentioned previously it was designed for wax use as well, but per the instructions, you are to use the included tool to wipe the wax along the sidewalls of the heating chamber.  We find this puzzling at best.  What if your wax isn’t sticky?  You could warm it of course, but that’s an unnecessary step that we shouldn’t have to take.  It also has this really weird ‘thing’ that is basically a spring with a screen, that you are intended to use with oils.  It pushed out the bottom screen when we closed the lid, so we aren’t sure what the point of that is.  



You have to remove the internal for charging, loading, power and temp adjustment.



The Verdict


We learned a valueble lesson with the PUFFiT; never count a vape company out.  When so many have fallen off, PUFFiT looks to make a huge return.  They have obviously been listening to their customers feedback.  The original had issues, all of which seem to have been addressed.  The build quality was over the top, the design extremely smart, and the function was absolutely on point.  If the PUFFiT 2 is built this well, consider gauntlet thrown in the war for budget portables that actually work.  $99?  Sold.  


If you’re looking for a tiny portable vape that actually works and works every time, you can’t go wrong with a PUFFiT2.  You’ll probably be as shocked as we were.

 Cost  $99.99
 Heat-up time  45 Seconds
 Style  Conduction
 Warranty  1 Year
 MFR  Discreet
 Made in  China




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