Now all you need is a bud, a flat iron, and 5 seconds.  We’re huge fans of all forms of concentrates around here, and living in states with culturally aware-laws has helped us develop our love of concentrates into a deep passion.  But we know that much of the nation has a hard time acquiring concentrates.  The process has traditionally been limited to growers or people that have direct connections to growers.  It usually requires a solvent, an enormous amount of pot, and lots and lots of lab-grade equipment.  But now the Rosin Technique is about to change all that.  Now you, yes YOU, can make your own concentrate from just a single marijuana flower.  And it only takes 5 seconds of your time.  We didn’t want to believe it either, but its been proven to be legit.


Traditional Methods

Ok so normally a dangerous solvent, (such as butane, propane, hexane, CO2, 100% Isopropl alcool or similar) is introduced to marijuana (flowers are best but trim works too) under pressure in a closed loop system. (Ed. Note:  Hopefully.  An old method required an open extraction, causing solvent vapors to exist and create a fire/explosion hazard.  Closed Loop systems are much safer.)


So once the solvent stripped the THC(and some terpines, plant waxes and detridal elements) it was emptied into a container, where the solvent was then extracted, leaving just the concentrate behind.   Closed loop systems start @ around $1500, but can go as high as $500,000.  And considering this method requires TONS of marijuana, it just isn’t feasible for the average toker to produce their own concentrate. 


DIY Concentrate 

Pot smokers are an industrious bunch, always coming up with new and fantastic new ways to create, enjoy, and utilize the plant.  So it was with great joy that we recently discovered the Rosin Technique for making concentrated THC. Simply take a bud, or even kief, and put it in a piece of parchment paper. If you use anything other than parchment, you’ll regret it.  Don’t use paper.  Or plastic.  Or wax paper.  Take this parchement bud sandwich and place this in a flat iron set to about 400F.  Apply as much pressure as you can, and in 4-5 seconds, ‘some'(read:A LOT) of the THC will leave the bud and stick to the parchment paper.  Like so:



YES YES YES all day YES. And you’re welcome. Take a look HERE if you still don’t believe us.  


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