Today we clean the whip and the heater cover on the SSV, and take apart and replace the heater cover mount shims for the old style heater cover.  If you have an old style(shimmed) HC, then you definitely need to see this video.


Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist here and today I am going to show you how to clean your SSV’s heater cover(HC) and hose setup, and how to maintain your heater cover mount if you have an old style HC.  

You will need some isopropyl alcohol, 19% is ideal but 70% will work.  Some q-tips or pipe cleaners, some needle nose pliers, and a small container to hold the alcohol.

Once you have unplugged your SSV and allowed it to completely cool down, remove your HC by twisting back and forth while lifting up.  Use gentle force, nobody likes broken glass.  

My HC isn’t only a bit dirty, this should be easy.  

Pop the HC in the container of Alcohol and let it sit.

I am removing my HC parts just to show you how to reassemble them, sometimes they come out when you remove your HC.   Make sure the shim goes in last.  

To clean the whip, just hold the MP and wand above the rest of the hose, and pour in a few ounces of Alcohol.  

Seal both ends with your fingers and shake vigorously until the glass looks clean.  YOu might have to use an alcohol soaked q-tip on stubborn areas near the chamber.  Here they didn’t weld the two pieces of glass together all the way and it creates a trouble spot.  

Aficionados will want to retain this whip rinse for extraction later, otherwise, rinse the whip with warm water and let it dry.   

Just a tip on screens…I have been using this screen for years…there is no reason to really ever need to replace your screen unless you physically damage it somehow.  If it ever needs it, in between cleanings I just put my wand tip in just enough alcohol and let it sit…

INserting the screen is easy, just shape it like a contact lens, slide it in, and use the pick to make sure its bowed toward the chamber tip.  

Okay put your heater cover back on, plug the SSV back in and turn it on high and let it burn off anything that might have collected on the heating element during cleaning.   Thats it?  As clean and tasty as the day you bought it.  when was it a bad thing?