Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Excellent taste
  • HUGE heat range
  • Made in the USA
  • whip could be a bit longer
  • Exposed Heater Cover EXTREMELY hot
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Good Luck Choosing a Color

We live in an era of Makers.  When the creator of the SSV wasn’t happy with the quality of the vaporizers available to him at the time, he set out to make something different. In  Sitting in his living room with a fresh approach, a funky design, and high quality materials – he created an instant hit.  

By keeping the functionality of this vape as simple as possible, the learning curve lasts about five seconds.  It only takes a two minutes to warm up – by the time you have ground your herbs and loaded your wand, the vape is ready to go. Whether you are a first time vaper, or a grizzled wookie veteran, the SSV is ready to give you an efficient, potent, fresh-tasting experience that allows you to be in full control.  



SSV HC and Ceramic Element

How It Works


“Its function is simple, but its performance is absolutely top shelf.”

The SSV works by allowing air to pass over the ceramic element, where it then travels through your herbs.  If you inhale slowly, the air has more time to heat up, and could possibly get too hot, even hot enough to combust.  Easy fix: inhale faster, or turn the heat down.  There is no digital readout, so here is where the learning curve comes in.  It will take you a moment to find what level your particular draw rate needs.  Its good to start at 50% power and see if you get any vaporization  If nothing happens, turn it up a bit and wait 30 seconds, eventually you will find your perfect zone.  Once you find the sweet spot, remove the knob, align the indicator to 12 o’clock, press the knob back on, and you will always know exactly what your proper setting is.  Its almost foolproof… until your friends arrive and have different draw rates than you.  

7th floor has taken customization to a new level in the industry. Customize this:

    • 9 different powdercoats, + Custom imagery (in powdercoat!)
    • Three different types of glass wand/heater cover combinations,
    • Variety of herb chamber sizes
    • Mix/match baseplate colors
    • Custom glass knob on each unit
    • Infinite amount of ground glass and hose attachments
    • Glass Mouthpeice, wand, heater cover, knob; all customizable. 


 Prefer a multi-perc water pipe? Handheld bubbler? Ice Chamber? Multi-port hookah wand? Chilled glycerin ‘vapor tamer’?  These all work perfectly with the SSV if you have the right attachment. There is now even an oil/concentrate adapter!  The hose was even specially formulated for 7th Floor.  It’s high-quality food grade, and “seems”  in this reviewers opinion to be softer and more pliable than anything in the industry, and of course comes in many colors and lengths.   If odor is an issue for you, they even offer an optional aroma top for aromatherapy. Be careful though, it’s just a glass dish on top of the vape that holds wax melts(or whatever aromatherapy schtuff you want to heat up) and so – if you jostle the vape in any way – you could have a wax disaster on your hands.  It masks odors very well, so it is totally worth it if you need to control the smell of your environment and don’t trip over your coffee table alot.  With effectiveness of this vape, that’s a totally valid concern.

7th Floor created this vape with an eye on many things: form, function, customization, accessorization(?)… and almost a decade later, it’s still among the best vapes in the industry.   Its function is simple, but its performance is absolutely top shelf.  All you taste is your perfectly vaped herbs, and absolutely nothing else.  Isn’t that exactly what we want?  Why yes, yes it is.

Instant Vaporlock Guaranteed. 


*  Keep your glass clean if you plan on doing this.

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