The vaporizer industry has definitely started to hit a sweet spot.  Portable functionality, a once-reclusive zone of two or three vaporizers, is now a crowded, vapor-filled room.  The party has started, and many are in attendance.  


So where to go from here?


Now that function is nailed, form will follow.  Its the natural cycle.  We are already seeing it with portables like Firefly, Summit, Air, and similar.  Completely awesome vapes, with radically different designs.  The manufacturers are searching.  Without big money(not BIG money, at least) the vaporizer industry is largely on its own to figure itself out.  Yes, this is definitely changing, and in some areas changing fast.  But…the industry as a whole is still a bit all over the place.  


So now that function in portables has essentially be nailed down, where does it go from here?  More chamber capacity?  Bigger batteries?  Smaller vaporizers?  Wider temperature ranges that allow for all substances?  Can there be one vape, that truly does it all?



Tell us what you want in a vaporizer in the comments. Smaller battery?  Bigger vape? Thermonuclear though powered heating? A zillion degrees for concentrates? (we recommend 550-700)  Hell, you might even win a ‘that’s a damn good idea’ reply.   –

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