In what is surely a first for the vaporizer, and music industries, Snoop Dogg has released a new version of his G Pro Vaporizer, and included with purchase are a pot(in which to grow) seeds ( not litigious if grown) and a copy of Snoop’s newest album, ‘Bush”. Snoop has released a few vapes with Grenco before, but nothing like this.  




The marriage between music and music and vaporizers has been strong since vapes were invented.  Vocalists praise the effects on their vocal chords, and musicians and fans alike interface with vaporizers to create, ingest, and enjoy every form of music known to planet earth.  Every walk of life, every culture, everywhere, has used medicinal herbs together with music in celebration.  


Grenco also released a new Snoop G Slim alongside the G Pro, but sadly you don’t get the album download with the G Slim.  

snoop g slim


Snoop has had a long association with Grenco Science, releasing a few versions of both herb and concentrate vapes.  The G Pro is a pretty simple vape with excellent output.   Pick yours up today!



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