If we took a trip back in the the wayback machine, you would find the Vapeologist in Eugene Oregon, probably 200-2001, long before vaporizers were a thing.  Volcano, the patriarch of the industry started in 1999 as Vaportec Inhalator but wouldn’t have mainstream success for a few years.  During these pre-vape years I would often find myself with friends on the banks of the Willamette river during the gorgeous summer days eating blackberries the size of XXXXXXX and sampling some of Eugene’s finest.  Those days it was Trinity.  Willams Wonder.  Lambs Breath.  And godliest of all, Snowbud.  To this Day I have yet to find Snowbuds Equal.  Its in the bible, look it up.  


Thing is though, even before we knew about vapes, we were raging solar hits along the river if the sun was out.  The first time I saw someone pull out a nice glass magnifying glass and start to melt the keif and bubblehash-topped bowl, and then saw the whole glorious mess go up in smoke, I was hooked.  Solar hits, if you’ve never experienced them, involve using a maginifying glass (3″ diamter, nice and thick glass.  Plastic won’t work.) to focus the suns rays to a fine point that gets hot enough to burn the herbs.  With practice and a steady hand you could get your herbs just hot enough to vaporize.  The flavors we tasted just weren’t possible with a butane lighter. 


When I first tried a vape, it took me right back to the flavors I tasted down by the river.  I was in love. The vaporize r (r)evolution is now 15 years deep.  Its absolutely high time we had a solar powered vaporizer.  Luckily, there are actually a lot of potentially solar powered vapes, maybe even the vape you own.  


A few weeks ago the Summit by Vapium was released, a mighty fine portable that is geared towards the outdoor crowd.  Along side the Summit, Vapium also released the Spring, a solar-powered battery pack that has an LED flashlight  two USB-outputs and one micro-USB input. One whole side is a solar panel, but before you go thinking this thing is fragile…know that it’s  super well protected with a durable plastic casing with rubber shock mounts completely surrounding the perimeter.  Its the size of a smartphone which is perfect because the Spring can charge your phone too while its charging your Summit, or any other vaporizer that can be charged via a USB cable.


Spring Solar-2

With 5000 mAh battery, the Spring can definitely get you out of a jam, and…into another jam.



Yesterday I let my Spring charge and the sun filled the 5000 mAh battery with glorious free power.  There’s a green light to tell you the solar panel is actively taking in rays.  It took awhile, but after my Summit lost power this morning, I hooked it up to the Spring and within an hour I’m 75% full and the Spring is still going strong.  


You can also charge the Spring from an AC USB adapter, or your computers USB port if the Sun isn’t out to play.  The panel isn’t huge, so charging it by wall wort or USB port will be much faster than the solar intake, but the most important thing is that you have options. I am gonna just leave my Spring in the window sill at all times see if I can go a month vaping the Summit on solar power alone.  With a full charge the Spring should be able to charge a portable vape and a smartphone one time each.  I think I might get a second one for on the road.    


Its not the same as doing solar hits along the Willamette.  But its pretty damn close.  Solar-Powered Vaporizers offer one more level of independance.  From what?  That’s up to you.  


Got a USB powered vape?  Its time to go solar.  There’s just no reason not to.  Get your Spring Solar Battery pack HERE.  Thinking about the all-weather Summit?  It’s an excellent vape for the price.  


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