Either Way is a Head Full of Madness

I assumed that if Volcano had two different bag setups, there must be good reason fo it.  but after using both, I’m not really sure why they need two different systems, it seems like combining the best of both would be the way to go.  But lets take a look at the two setups and see what’s best for you.  

The Easy Valve set up comes with 6 bags that seem to be pressed or maybe glued into the valve and aren’t replaceable.  There is also a liquid pad for liquids and concentrates, an extra o-ring , some screens and a brush.   The Easy Valve fill chamber clips on to the Volcano nicely and the bag fits down on the chamber with a reassuring click.  Its a pretty simple and easy to use system.  The valve seals really well. But…this is a lot of plastic  to be throwing away for a reason that escapes me. I don’t understand why this isn’t a six pack of bags with one mouthpiece.  In a pinch you could rig a new bag on here, but it wouldn’t be a long term sbe

But why would you do that when you have the Solid Valve system?  The Solid Valve system addresses the replaceable bag problem head on.  Included in the Solid Valve setup is a 10ft roll so you can cut a bag length of your own choosing, a liquid pad and extra screens and a brush.       

  The mouthpiece mechanism has a much higher level of engineering than the easy valve.  The chamber also  holds more than the Easy Valve so that is a plus. Just load up the chamber and put the filling chamber insert in and its ready to go.  It doesn’t click on to the Volcano at all like the Easy valve, which is a disappointment.  it just kind of sits there and can be knocked off easily.  

Also, It seems like my Solid Valve unit leaks.  I have cleaned everything, checked all the connections, replaced bag, and it still is leaking.   The easy valve doesn’t leak at all.  

After using both systems for awhile, I really feel the need to dump both and combine the best of both worlds.  The chamber size from the Solid system but with a clip on like the Easy,  The perfect seal of the Easy valve, and the replaceable bag of the Solid.  The Easy Valve system just doesn’t need to exist really.  

Wait…with a six pack of bags with the Easy Valve system, you could just load one bag after another until they were all full.  .. ok ok ok ok .okay the Easy Valve system is awesome now.  I bit wasteful, but we all know how to recycle.   So I guess it comes down to what you think you need.  If you really need a custom bag length, go for the solid valve.  If something only slightly more convenient is what you want, Easy all the way.