Could this be the end of metal coils?

I’ve been following the Divine Tribe thread on FC for months, and have been super geeked about ceramic donuts as a replacement, or alternative, to  more traditional metal coils.  It makes perfect sense, ceramic heaters are used in vapes of all sizes, it’s just kind of rare in pens, until recently.  You’ve been able to buy DIY ceramic donuts for some time, but I saw my first mass-produced pen vape with a ceramic donut today, The Vapor Connoisseur ‘Ceramique’.  I’m won’t be in a position to test it, this was a show unit that needed to be shown around, but I had a few very long moments to check it out.  Love some things, didn’t love some others.  


At first glance, I’m in love with this thing.  But upon closer inspection, a few issues popped up.   The glass mouthpiece, HUGE thumbs up.  It fit tightly, but not too much so.  The over all design of the pen outer is attractive, with its cooling section standing out.  Once the mouthpiece was removed, it revealed the ceramic donut, so I instantly clicked it on to see it glow for myself.  I didn’t see anything, but felt a little warmth on the pen.  I went into a dark room and turned it on again, and at max power it had a faint glow.  I don’t  know if that was intentional or not, but it seems to be right in the perfect 4-500 F zone.  



CERAMIQUE ceramic donut

After firing it a few times, it was damn hot though.  noticeably hot for a pen.  So much so, that when the auto shutoff kicks in after 8 seconds, it won’t let you restart it for probably another 15 seconds.  Yikes.  It did come with an extra atomizer and glass mouthpiece, which is a nice touch.

The chamber was a little too deep for wax loading.  They need to fix that asap.  The loading chamber for wax needs to be full exposed so that its fully accessible.  

The battery was a bit small, but what pen battery isn’t.  I would hope at this point that 18650’s would be the standard.  This battery can’t be over 1000mAh.  So, no complaint here, just eternally wishing for stronger, longer-life batteries.  

Temps seem to be on point, but usability isn’t.  I’ll scratch and claw to get it back so I can see what the ceramic coil tastes like.  Or doesn’t, taste like.  


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