After years of charting their own course in the vaporizer industry, it looks as though 7th Floor has completely lost their way.  Despite eschewing balloons, bags, and extra electronics in vaporizers for the last ten years, 7th Floor has announced a new addition to their lineup, an ‘upgraded’ SSV, the SUPER Surfer.


No offense to the sufferers of LLD(Lower Leg Descrepency) but the SUPER Surfer is looks like the shoe for a person who has one leg shorter than the other.  The extra-thick base now contains a fan/blower unit, and LED ‘Mood Lighting’.   7th Floor has also redesigned the heater cover mount, allowing you to switch between using a whip or inflating a balloon.


As huge fans of the SSV and DBV vaporizers from 7th Floor, we watched the Indiegogo video a few times. We are struck by how poorly designed the entire setup was.  The bag system seemed to a complete hassle to setup and even more hassle to use.  We won’t get a close up for a bit(if it ever gets to market, which based on the dead Indigogo campaign, probably won’t happen).  The LED lights are just…well in our opinion just completely useless.  There is still no temperature readout, and despite the owner saying in the video that its more accurate than ever, we don’t see how this heat can possibly be any more (or less) accurate than the current SSV.  A heater with no accurate temperature readout cannot possibly be accurate.  The air filtration system is claimed to stop dust, but it has holes that would let sand flow right through.  They are marketing it as if its a health benefit, but after looking at it, its clear its just a rough screen to keep pet hair and debris out of the pump.  That’s needed, but they are marketing it in a way that makes you feel its actually cleaning the air.  Tisn’t.


Astonishingly, 7th Floor, a company that has been in business nearly ten years, and sold thousands and thousands vaporizers, decided to crowdfund this new vaporizer! That’s right, a company that has been successful for a decade wants its fans to pay for the development of a product line.  I could understand and support the crowdfunding path for a new company, but for a company that has been around so long to do this is just plain insulting, and shows a complete lack of anyone within the company understanding anything about crowdfunding.  This seems like a pipe dream, as opposed to something 7th Floors customers actually asked for/wanted.



After repeated viewings of the video, we here at VR are dumbstruck.  This products seems like a bad idea in almost every way.  Good luck, but…damn.  What a mess.




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