Vapium Summit
4.1Gear Bag Worthy

Vapium Summit Review

Hit the trail & hit the vapeAs we enter 2015 it's the clear the vaporizer industry is maturing.  It wasn't long ago when just finding a portable vape that actually worked and at a decent price was a chall...

VapeTracker: Firefly Pre-Order!

One of the most hotly anticipated portable vapes in a long time is inching closer to reality, Firefly is taking preorders for this vape, I don't think its 'vaporware' any more!  Check out their site, there is ...

Extreme Q Heater Cover Replacement

I broke my heater cover recently, so I picked up a new one and and made this in case any of you ever need to replace your HC.  It was pretty easy, just with alot of steps!Thanks to Arizer for making such a sup...
Arizer Solo Battery Relplacement

Arizer Solo Battery Replacement

Nothing electrical lasts forever, and today's batteries are no exception.  The Arizer Solo is a great vaporizer, but eventually its batteries will die.  Luckily, Arizer designed its products very well, and it...

VapeTracker: The Firefly Vaporizer

 Just announced is the Firefly portable herbal vaporizer from Phase 3, or NWT Holdings LLC,  There have been a lot of new portables announced recently, 2014 is looking like it might be the year someone ge...
4.0So Versatile

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

Its 2013. If you are going to call yourself "Extreme" better back it up, and hard. I have been looking forward to the Extreme Q for a long time, its a vape that had always escaped me and my lungs. I was lured into its gaze by its variety of methods...

microG Pen Vaporizer Review

Dome Crushing Stealth Mode. I think we have seen this design before....ahh yes, just last week.  The Atmos W.  The differences are slight, but the result is the same.  WHaaaaBAM.   Massive vapors in a min...
Grasshopper Back End Temp Control

VapeTracker: Grasshopper Update

As mentioned before, the ZenPen is now the grasshopper, and they are claiming that it is to be released in a month.  According to the website... The Grasshopper’s currently released fea...
Atmos RAW

Atmos RX Pen Vaporizer Review

This vape came so close to being a killer product. But...due to the slight...combustion didn't get very good grades. First "1" I have ever given. The Atmos RAW snuck on the market but was probably a few weeks shy of being done with R&D.

VapeTracker: Rapid Fire Marketing

A vape company should not have the word "Marketing" in its name.  But here we are.  Its PAX looking...but has good attributes.  Will it make it to market?  Time will tell. ...
Atmos Thermo W

Atmos Thermo W Vaporizer Review

Wax on, Wax off Sometimes a vape comes along that just works.  Well, that happens a lot acually, but the Thermo W from Atmos is a vape I am kicking myself for not getting sooner.  Its small, it works, an...
Indica II Vape

VapeTracker: Inidca 2

Well isn't this an interesting development...Given its appearance, I think they might be in a bit of a legal tussle over the design, unless of course that ubiquitous lighter company is actually behind this, whi...
Wiz Vape

VapeTracker: WizVape

Somehow I completely missed the development of this vaporizer, the WizVape PX1.  It has some REALLY interesting features, like a glass/ceramic crucible, a chamber that 'claims' to be able to stir your load for...
VaporBlunt Baker

New Feature: VapeTracker

VapeTracker will seek out the new vapes in development, and try its best to follow along with updates as things get moving along towards dropping. And then look for the review to soon follow!
3.2Chicken Dinner

AtmosRX Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review

The first vape pen I ever used probably saved my life. This pen makes that look like child's play. I was so impressed with the Optimus, check out the video to see why!
2.4No Thanks

Vapor Genie Vaporizer Review

Not all Vaporizers are created equal. The Vapor Genie is to vaporizers as MP3 CD's are to MP3 players. But...the format is widely known and accepted,

Iolite Original Vaporizer Review

Something strange is going on in Ireland. A vaporizer that isn't tied to electricity? Runs on butane flame with internal auto thermostat? Freedom from the cord. Its possible.

VapeCase Protective Vaporizer Cases

Protect Yo Shit Vapecase Video Transcript:   Hey everybody, Vapeologist here with a review of VapeCase’s Vaporizer Cases.  Whether you're tailgating, vacationing, or just stuck at aunt Ermas fo...
Vapir One v5.0

Vapir ONE v5.0 Vaporizer Review

Uhhhhhhh...After a good Review of the Vapir NO2 Portable recently, I had high hopes for this Vapir ONE.  It can do a bag, or with a 'whip' of sorts.  It can heat up quickly, and has full temperature control. ...
Magic Flight

Magic Flight Quick Clean

This little vape continues to surprise me. Its so...slapdash...but it works, and it keeps on working no matter what I do to it.
Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo Quick Clean

There is so little that can get dirty(or go wrong at all) with the Arizer Solo Vaporizer, its just a champ of durability and endurance.  I still struggle to deal with the slow draw rate, but with concentrates ...

Vape Mods

Over at Inspire first, AjFruzaAviado has a great post about Vaporizer modifications, specifically for E-cigs. Some great designs, the Nintendo and Steampunk models stood out.

What’s Inside the Volcano Vaporizer?

What's inside the volcano vaporizer?  Exactly what you would thing.  Efficient construction, high-quality parts, and one hell of an air pump.  I do think that the screen at the top of the unit could be a tig...