Vapium Summit
4.1Gear Bag Worthy

Vapium Summit Review

Hit the trail & hit the vapeAs we enter 2015 it's the clear the vaporizer industry is maturing.  It wasn't long ago when just finding a portable vape that actually worked and at a decent price was a chall...

VapeTracker: Grasshopper Update 2015!

Grasshopper Vape Pens are showing is that sometimes you need the patience of a Zen Master... We reported previously on the Grasshopper pen vape, a hotly-anticipated pen vaporizer for herbs, but its been awhile...
Grasshopper Vape

VapeTracker – Grasshopper Update!

The much sought after Grasshopper from Hopper Labs is almost here.  We've been tracking this little pen vape for some time, and it looks like we could be seeing Grasshoppers in the wild very soon.  Hopper Lab...

VapeTracker: Spyre v1.1

As we head into Summer 2014, the progression of handheld and portable vaporizers is in full swing.  New to the Market is the Spyre Vaporizer, v1.1 from Uptoke.  The Spyre is a very well designed vape, wit...

Extreme Q Heater Cover Replacement

I broke my heater cover recently, so I picked up a new one and and made this in case any of you ever need to replace your HC.  It was pretty easy, just with alot of steps!Thanks to Arizer for making such a sup...
Arizer Solo Battery Relplacement

Arizer Solo Battery Replacement

Nothing electrical lasts forever, and today's batteries are no exception.  The Arizer Solo is a great vaporizer, but eventually its batteries will die.  Luckily, Arizer designed its products very well, and it...

VapeTracker: The Firefly Vaporizer

 Just announced is the Firefly portable herbal vaporizer from Phase 3, or NWT Holdings LLC,  There have been a lot of new portables announced recently, 2014 is looking like it might be the year someone ge...
4.0So Versatile

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

Its 2013. If you are going to call yourself "Extreme" better back it up, and hard. I have been looking forward to the Extreme Q for a long time, its a vape that had always escaped me and my lungs. I was lured into its gaze by its variety of methods...

microG Pen Vaporizer Review

Dome Crushing Stealth Mode. I think we have seen this design before....ahh yes, just last week.  The Atmos W.  The differences are slight, but the result is the same.  WHaaaaBAM.   Massive vapors in a min...
Grasshopper Back End Temp Control

VapeTracker: Grasshopper Update

As mentioned before, the ZenPen is now the grasshopper, and they are claiming that it is to be released in a month.  According to the website... The Grasshopper’s currently released fea...
3.2Chicken Dinner

AtmosRX Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review

The first vape pen I ever used probably saved my life. This pen makes that look like child's play. I was so impressed with the Optimus, check out the video to see why!