Vape Mods

Over at Inspire first, AjFruzaAviado has a great post about Vaporizer modifications, specifically for E-cigs. Some great designs, the Nintendo and Steampunk models stood out.

What’s Inside the Volcano Vaporizer?

What's inside the volcano vaporizer?  Exactly what you would thing.  Efficient construction, high-quality parts, and one hell of an air pump.  I do think that the screen at the top of the unit could be a tig...
Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer Pre-sale Announced

Herbalizer, One of the most anticipated Vaporizers in recent memory has entered "pre-release" stage and is taking pre-orders.  Early reviews are really really good.  Look for a review soon! ...

Loto Labs Announces Evoke, Seeks Funding

Loto Labs has announced an Indigogo funding project to be able to create their new Evoke Vape. There is not too much info available yet, but their website does say that its for concentrates only and that they a...

Silver Surfer SSV Cleaning and Maintenance

Today we clean the whip and the heater cover on the SSV, and take apart and replace the heater cover mount shims for the old style heater cover.  If you have an old style(shimmed) HC, then you definitely need ...
Pax Cleaning

Pax Cleaning Maintenance

The Pax by Ploom is a superbly well-designed vaporizer.  Cleaning needs to happen regularly to keep it in top form, so we show you how to keep it running smooth in the video above.  Have a Pax cleaning tip? ...

Iolite Wispr 2 Cleaning and Maintenance

The Wispr 2 is pretty simple to use...and with few parts its easy to clean, the video shows you how.  If only all vapes were this easy to clean.   Video Transcript:   Hey everybody, Vapeo...
Easy Valve Breakdown

Easy Valve for Volcano Breakdown

  The Easy Valve system is a pretty bulletproof system, and rarely needs much care.  It normally comes with a set of six bags, and extra o-ring, a liquid pad, and replacement screens. In today's video we...
Easy vs Solid Valve Comparison

Solid Valve vs. Easy Valve Comparison

Either Way is a Head Full of Madness I assumed that if Volcano had two different bag setups, there must be good reason fo it.  but after using both, I’m not really sure why they need two different systems,...
Volcano Digit
4.8Peak Experience

Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review

Volcano Digit - Expectations Exceeded It still amazes me that after using vapes for 10 years and as of 2013 I had never used an Volcano.  I had listened to the fanboys and naysayers, proclaim greatness and att...
Aerospaced Grinders

Aerospaced Grinder / Shredder Review

Aerospaced Grinders - Shredding your herbs, or anything else you throw in.I'm taking a break from reviewing vaporizers today , as I have a review of some aluminum grinder shredders from Aerospaced. These Alumin...
Vapir NO2 Vaporizer

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Review

I have reviewed a few portable vapes recently that have died on me at the most inoportune moments.  I saw 'died on me' but we all know that means I didn't stay on top of the charging.  So I got a little excit...
Plenty Vaporizer
4.2Quality you Expect

Plenty Vaporizer Review

No Seriously, Like Clown ShoesHuge Shoes.  There is just no other way to say it.  The Plenty Vaporizer hails from the same company that brought you the Volcano vaporizer.   Those are big shoes to fill, I th...
VG Volta

VaporGenie Volta Vaporizer Announced!

Vapor Genie has announced the Volta, a battery powered vaporizer similar to the magic flight launch box.  It has some improvements, but also some negatives...some highlights from the video: Manufactured in...
Iolite Wispr - comes in many ugly flavors!
4.0Free from Electicty

Iolite Wispr 2 Vaporizer Review

Butane LiberationI am a sucker for good technological design.  From minimalist smartphones to high end bikes and anything in between, vaporizers included.  Probably the most visually striking vaporizer on the...

VaporBlunt Pinnacle Vaporizer Review

The pinnacle of what? The moment I saw the Pinnacle, I had high hopes for its success.  I appeared to have a nice design and was made in the USA.  The moment I took it out of the box however, the review ...
Pax by Ploom
4.2Top Shelf

Pax Vaporizer Review

The Pax is a great vape. Its extremely easy to use and has good battery life. But it feels that Ploom focused more on design than they did function.

Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray Released

Magic flight is sending the Launch Box into a much higher orbit with the release of their new Concentrate Tray.  With this tray inserted into your launch box, you can expand the range of herbals that the LB ca...
Life Saber Vaporizer Colors
4.5Jedi Worthy

Life Saber Vaporizer Review

George Lucas Would be Proud   No matter how you generate it, heat is heat.  You can't revolutionize heat.  When 7th Floor wanted to create a new vape, they knew they had big shoes to fill.  Shaq size shoes....
4.6The Desktop Standard

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

Good Luck Choosing a ColorWe live in an era of Makers.  When the creator of the SSV wasn't happy with the quality of the vaporizers available to him at the time, he set out to make something different. In  S...

DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer Review

DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer $249.99The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer is a portable and discreet vaporizer that comes in at about the size of a smartphone.  It features an aluminium and rubberized exterior finish.  Th...
DaBuddha Vaporizer Silver and Black

Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

DaBuddha Vaporizer: The Perfect Zen?A few years after the introduction of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, 7th Floor noticed that cheap knockoffs were arriving on our shores.  They didn't function the same, didn'...