I don’t venture out into eCig territory to often on VaporizersReviewed, for many reasons.  I am so grateful to eCigs for helping me quit cigarettes about 6 years ago.   It took three weeks, a bottle of apple flavored eJuice that really tasted like my Nikes after a run.  The pen was complete crap, but it worked.  I kicked tobacco forever.  Okay maybe forever is a stretch.  At least, so far.  


I stand on the sidelines as the mod scene(my how that term has changed) and seen an absolute explosion in approaches to coil structure, wattage delivery, self sensing atomizers, and most importantly, ejuice recipes.  At the same time Rip Trippers is showing you how to blow clouds so big that even this guy says no.  A war is being waged to find the thickest, richest, best tasting eLiquid vapor.   Zipper Coils, Infinity Coils, Sub-Ohm.  260 watts.  There was a time when you only needed a Bic.  Thankfully, those days are long gone.  Unless you’re an idiot. 


But there’s another war brewing.  Actually its not brewing, its actively being fought in nearly every state in this land.  Whether vapes, eLiquids and anything related to them should even be allowed at all.  While vape stores are opening overnight from coast to coast. uneducated and unaware citizens of this great land are getting caught up in a hysteria they don’t understand.   Just a few of the topics many communities are debating:


  • Should vaping be allowed in public buildings and transportation?
  • Should vaping be allowed at all in public?
  • Should eJuice production be regulated by the FDA?
  • Should eJuice be monitored by the ATF?
  • Atomizers, vape pen materials.  Regulate?
  • What is the age limit for vaping?  With Nicotine, and without?
  • What about vaping for health, like vitamins?
  • Can it be classified smoking cessation?


Here’s a question no one seems to be asking?  Where is all this raw nicotine juice coming from?  You would think that Big Tobacco would have figured this industry out long ago and completely own the nicotine juice production.  Its coming from small growers in North Carolina who have it processed independantly of Big Tobacco.  But Guess what, its also coming from India and China. Consistency?  Not so much.  Wildly varying qualities.  How do you know what your getting?  Even the ‘food-grade’ flavors and nichrome or titanium or stainless coils.  How do you really know?  


The eCig industry is headed for some intense regulation.  As smokers turn into vapers, and move from cigarettes to vapes, the bigger picture is that they are moving from being tax generators(via cigarettes) to non-tax generators(eLiquids).  How long will cities and states go before they decide the tax revenue loss is just too much to handle?  State and local governments will say they are all about health and wellness, but not at the expensive of lost tax revenue.  


After centuries of tobacco combustion, there is now a healthy alternative to smoking.  But just using that one word there…’healthy’…means the FDA is going to have something to say about it.  We are in for a long battle involving the state and local governments, big tobacco, the FDA, and ‘mom and pop’ operations. Regulations are coming people.  It’s time to start investing in liquid nicotine futures.  

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