Seeking top-shelf portable vapors?  You now have so many options we feel good about doing a Top 5 Portable Vapes review.


With so many new portables released before the holiday season, we thought a roundup of the current top 5 portable vaporizers as of January 2015 would be in order. We’ve spent some quality time with almost all the new models, and its clear whose rising to the top. The Mighty and Crafty reign supreme. Don’t see a portable that you feel is definitely top 5? Let us know in the comments..



1 – Mighty/Crafty – Storz & Bickel – Rock Solid Perfomance.  We ranked this #1 Despite its price.  If you can afford it, buy it.  If you can’t, start saving.

2 – Firefly – NWT Holdings – Elegance & Purity – Excellent design meets maximum flavor.  Power options, high quality materials and an exposable vapor path overcome the learning curve.

3 – Muad-Dib – Concentrated Madness – When you need to leave your toolbelt at home, the Muad-Dib is a foolproof travel partner.  Other than being a bit of a buildup magnet, no conisseur sho0uld be without this vape.

4 – Air – Arizer – Finally!  Solo quality, with (easily)replaceable batteries.  Just make sure you use the silicone sleeve.

5 – Pax by Ploom – The first entry in the top-shelf portable category, Pax is still going strong.  It’s still a super dependable vape, but its in need of a refresh.  Could Pax 2.0 or another model altogether be far off?

You can buy your vape anywhere.  I buy my vapes here because they are authorized retailers but also because the entire experience is completely on-point.   

Pax Lineup

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