As mentioned before, the ZenPen is now the grasshopper, and they are claiming that it is to be released in a month.  According to the website

The Grasshopper’s currently released features:

  • Ultra portable: Size of a fountain pen
  • Fast: Heats up to 210 C in ~ 5secs
  • Large temperature range 300-410F (100-200c)
  • Convenient: Snap on magnetic usb charger allows for charging while vaping
  • Durable: Made of stainless steel, the pen is practically indestructible
  • Powerful: Battery allows for high-power heating, long battery life 3+ hours!
  • Precise: User adjustable micro-processor controlled temperature, never burn your herb!
  • Easy to use external temperature adjust
  • Safe: Clean vapor path, heating element is medical grade brass
  • Discrete: Looks like a stylish pen!
  • Aesthetic: Sleek design, available in a range of Titanium Anodized colors.
  • Ergonomics: Tactile mechanical click button

Grasshopper Vape

I will update you all as soon as its released.