Protect Yo Shit

Vapecase Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist here with a review of VapeCase’s Vaporizer Cases.  Whether you’re tailgating, vacationing, or just stuck at aunt Ermas for a weekend, you are probably going to want your vape.  Don’t risk damage, and keep it discreet!  Here I have the Softsided case for my volcano, and also a hard case for my Solo.

The hard case is well made, with perfect cutouts for the Solo and its accessories.  I think one extra space would have been ideal, for consumables of course, maybe a cotton ball or two.

The lid snaps super tight, and even has a one way pressure valve built in for trips into the higher elevations.  Be careful on the trip back down; if you close it at high elevations, and then try and open it at low elevations, it could be difficult.

IT comes with an adjustable strap, but also has areas for other straps and maybe zip ties or small locks.  THe lid has a rubber seal that circles the lid completely, making this hardcase completely waterproof.  Its really a great case for anyone going near water, or really prone to dropping things.

THe Soft sided case is nice as well,  as it holds alot, but it has its weaknesses.  The thickest part of the padding…really won’t protect much, as the padding on the bottom is much thinner.   THe foam padding is not uniform in thickness, in fact the lid has barely any padding at all compared to the rest of the bag.  The internal padded area can only hold your volcano, the power cord,  and your grinder.  There are two very large pockets and two small pockets to hold the rest of your gear, but none are padded.

For my needs I would definitely choose the hardcase every time, but I do end up using my softcase if I am just going across town with the volcano.  I definitely would not fly with anything but a hardcase.  Sadly they are only made for the Volcano, Extreme Q, Arizer Solo, and the Magic Flight Launch Box.  Expect more models to become available soon.

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