Reeling after a few communication gaps recently, Loto Labs updated us yesterday about the progress of the Evoke, the worlds first induction-based  vaporizer.  The update brought much needed good news to the original backers, as well as a nice video that shows how the susceptor* works with concentrates.  Some highlights from the update:

  • The Evoke was kicked off IndieGoGo for being drug paraphenalia. “Our Presale is Moving from Indiegogo to a Pre-Order Reservation System ”   IGG, go FY!  
  • Original campaign backers will indeed get a battery and charger with the unit.  What we are extrapolating from this comment, is that ONLY original backers will be getting batteries with the unit.
    • Editors note:  This could kill the companies chances of succeeding.  What they are saying, is that they have no plans on putting a battery and charger in the package for any other than the original backers.  IMO, this is an asinine decision.  Batteries and chargers…are CHEAP.  If Evoke can’t figure out how to include a way to use the vape when you buy it, stick a fork in Evoke, its done.  
  • Stretch goals are still very much happening. 
  • You will only get one induction core with your unit.  Unless you bought more than one unit.  

I have been super excited for the Evoke since it was originally announced, but I can’t lie, the battery situation will eat them alive if they aren’t careful.  


See you in a month, Loto Labs…we hope more time will allow you to come to your senses about the batteries.  


*Note: susceptor is a material used for its ability to absorb electromagnetic energy and convert it to heat. In our system, the susceptor performs both a wicking function and a heating function. Although the susceptor does perform a wicking function, it is not a ‘wick’ in the sense of a wick and coil system as used in other vape pens on the market. In our Dry Herb Core, the susceptor only performs a heating function as there is nothing to ‘wick.’


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