The Evoke from Loto Labs – evolved heating with advanced design.

A vaporizer that we have been super-interested in since it was announced well over a year ago, the Loto Labs Evoke looks like its well on its way to production.  The Evoke is supposed to be the worlds first vaporizer powered by induction, which on its own is an amazing thing considering the limited space available in a portable and the high power requirements induction must have.  We were first struck by its beauty before we were ever impressed with what seems to be an awesome hardware/software combination.    

Loto Labs Evoke PCB Update

The Evoke has changed slightly from its early 3d renders, but we are still huge fans of the intended production model’s design, hopefully it won’t change much. 

Loto Labs Evoke induction

Loto Labs has this to say about induction tech:

Induction technology provides key advantages in a vaporizer:
A cleaner vapor with no hot spots, no burning and no bad taste.  A coil that will not wear out and break. A wick that is easy to remove, clean, and reuse
So far so good Loto labs.  You have us intrigued on many levels.  Not too many portable vaporizers have added so much a thoughtful or even beautiful design like this.  Firefly, and…okay just the Firefly.  The PAX line of vapes is well executed, but minimalist.  Beautiful in its own right, but a league apart.  
We’re going to be excited if the Evoke makes it to market for many reasons. An awesome new website and great 3D renders are just that.  They don’t make my vapors. Can Loto Labs deliver on both form and function?  We will let you know as soon as we do. 

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