Grasshopper Vape Pens are showing is that sometimes you need the patience of a Zen Master…

We reported previously on the Grasshopper pen vape, a hotly-anticipated pen vaporizer for herbs, but its been awhile since we had an official update from the company; today we got an update and  luckily they have mostly good news!  Production issues have put them far behind their anticipated release date of …sometime last year.  But things are at least pacing well at this point and they say they expect to ship soon, but don’t offer a concrete date.  Probably wise.

New vapes are released in a variety of ways, from the (mostly) transparent development of the grasshopper, to the (mostly) stealth development of something like the Crafty or the Firefly vaporizers.  (Let’s hope Firefly 2.0 is under development!)


Grasshopper vape pen Update

Grasshopper Pen Vaporizer is almost here! Almost.

 There are so many aspects of this design that we love.  The temp adjustment, the charging ring, the sleek design, and the choice of stainless steel throughout.  Its definitely taking longer to get the Grasshopper vape pen to market than we want, but our patience will be rewarded with super stealthy, thick clouds of Grasshopper vapor.   

Patience.  We are practicing it.  

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  • Shane

    I gave money to this campaign when it was crowdsourced two years ago. They were suppose to produce the Grasshopper within six months. To date, I’ve gotten something like 60 email updates from them with all sorts of reasons why they haven’t produced them yet.