Well isn’t this an interesting development…Given its appearance, I think they might be in a bit of a legal tussle over the design, unless of course that ubiquitous lighter company is actually behind this, which would be a brilliant move for Zippo.  This thing looks to be a bit larger but not by much.  The site claims that:

  • Variable heat settings
  • Large capacity chamber
  • mini-USB charging(not the micro-USB that most everyone already has)
  • Two weeks of regular use on one charge.  Really?
  • And then this data, which just seems…crazy:
        • Chamber capacity (leaf tobacco): 0.2g+
        • Heating chamber volume: 12.8mm
        • Individual drags per full-chamber: 30-40 approx.


        I’ll keep an eye on this very interesting vaporizer.  I think its actually close to being released.