We know, we know, we won’t shut up about the Evoke from Loto Labs.  This thing has an induction coil, ya see, and no one has used that in the industry yet.  Loto Labs has been extremely transparent with their product development since the inception of their indiegogo campaign.  We got an update yesterday from the company, and what started as just a concept has grown into its first working prototype!


Loto Labs prototype


The company has also revealed a bit more about the development of the induction core technology.  After debating about whether to offer three different models for herbs, liquids and waxes, they say they have found avoid three different models and instead have created three seperate induction cores that can be swapped out as needed.  This makes much more sense from the consumers perspective, but also the manufacturers as well.  One unit to rule them all, with optional accessories.   

From Loto Labs:

“The prototype is made out of 3D printed polymers and contains a working chipset with our patent-pending bluetooth, induction core and air systems…”


Loto Labs All in One system

Loto Labs All in One system


I think we might see an Evoke before the end of this year, maybe thats being a bit optimistic considering the level of new technology being introduced here.  The prototype is made of 3D printed plastic, but we hope they choose something a little more attractive for the final unit.  I doubt that is real wood being used, looks like formica.


Loto Labs, keep up the good work and we hope for much continued progress.  Bring on the induction revolution!

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