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PAX Labs is on a Roll.  Pax 2, Juul, and now a PAX Labs Patent for a dual chamber device.  Whats next?

I have to admit I’ve been neglecting my vape patent searches for too long; I was just shown a patent issued to Pax Labs’ James Monsees and Adam Bowen that covers a vaporization device with what appears to be two heating chambers.  I say ‘what appears’ but there are no schematics or technical drawings to accompany the patent, but the title tells all: 


Is this a new version of the Juul?  A new model altogether?  Many things of note in the patent, you can read it if you want, but  here’s a few highlights:


  • 117 variations of the product were initially submitted,of which 97 where cancelled, leaving 20 variations in the patent issued.
  • Two heating chambers
  • Variety of materials
  • Extensive use of capacitive, accelerometer technology
  • Cartridge based
  • temperatures include but are not limited to from about
    • 100° to about 300° C
    • 125° to about 255° C
    • 150° to about 230° C
    • 170° to about 210° C
  • Vaporizable materials
    • liquid
    • gel
    • viscous material
    • temperature sensitive mesophase material
    • combination thereof
    • In some embodiments the first vaporizable material or the second vaporizable material comprise: nicotine; flavorants; humectants; water; or a combination thereof
  • 2-compartment modules, 3-compartment modules, or multi-compartment modules
  • In some embodiments the first compartment comprises a first airflow path, and the second compartment has a second airflow path that is in communication with the first airflow path. In some embodiments the first compartment comprises a first airflow path, and the second compartment has a second airflow path, wherein first vapor from the first airflow path is introduced to second vapor from the second airflow path prior to exiting the cartridge.
  • In some embodiments, at least one resistive heater comprises wire coil wrapped around a wicking material (e.g. silica) that penetrates a moisture resistant liquid barrier of at least one compartment holding the vaporizable material and allows the vaporizable material to “wick” around the wire and be heated to a controlled temperature when activated.


We’ll keep and eye on this and report as more information becomes available.  


Patent History


Application number: 20140366898
Type: Application
Filed: Jun 13, 2014
Issued: Dec 18, 2014
Inventors: James MONSEES (San Francisco, CA), Adam BOWEN (San Francisco, CA)
Application Serial: 14/304,847


Current U.S. Class: Tobacco Users’ Appliance (131/329)
International Classification: A24F 47/00 (20060101);


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