The vape envelope is pushed forward so quickly, some new designs have gotten past me already.  I stumbled into the Spry Prodigy Vapor Rig today, a battery-powered oil rig.  It’s a thing of beauty, but only 3D-rendered beauty.  

Spry Prodigy


The Prodigy is boasting a lot of nice features.  Battery powered, but with wireless charging.  The renders aren’t  terribly specific, but it looks to be a contact charger rather than an induction charger such as the Powermat for your smartphone.  

The design is reminiscent of my favorite style of a basic scientific bong, with the Erlenmeyer flask bottom.  The top tube section appears to screw on, which will be nice for cleaning.  

The Prodigy looks like a traditional water pipe or bong, but it’s much more than that. With an all-electric heating system, custom integrated medical-grade titanium nail, and full temperature control, the Prodigy has all the features you would expect from a modern day vaporizer with the convenience of a simple water pipe.


Spry Prodigy

It appears to be constructed of glass, and a metal/plastic combo, although it could be all metal, Spry didn’t indicate they materials they used. Yet. I’m better that for the price of ~$700 or more, its glass and metal.  It looks like there is a diffuser in the bottom flask portion, as well as in the top tube.   It comes in Black and White, and has either a bent or straight top tube.  I’ll be trying to get a Prodigy of my own SOON.  


The Prodigy is already available for pre-order, so if this is the vape you’ve been looking for,  They’re ready for ya.  Personally, I would hold off until I see an actual unit…


UPDATE:  I just heard from a fellow vaporist who tried the Vape at the Cannabis Cup in Denver recently.  And I quoth…”That thing RIPS!”  


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