Just as soon as we think the Super Surfer Vaporizer from 7th Floor won’t make it to market, we see today on their instagram account that the Super Surfer is alive, well, and about to be unleashed upon the world!  They posted an image of the owner filling a balloon like a Volcano.  The bag looks wider, but shorter, so it probably holds the same amount.  It certainly looks larger than an Easy Valve or Solid Valve bag.  The Volcano Solid Valve allows you to create custom bag length, so we imagine this will too.  



The image of the custom SSV’s are interesting, they really make the base’s size standout.  We hope the electronics are user serviceable, the fan can’t last forever.  We are excited about the Super Surfer, but feel it has one fatal flaw.  We have no choice to compare it to the Volcano, Extreme Q, and Vapir Rise, all competent (or better) vaporizers that use bag systems.   Those three devices have digital temperature control.  This allows to know exactly what temperature your vaporizer is.  The Super Surfer just has a dial, similar to the glass control knob of the original SSV.  No temperature readings at all.  You just have to do some experimenting, and ‘find’ the right temperature through trial and error.  



This is part speculation mixed in with a heavy dose of what the company has already said about the Super Surfer, but it seems that right out of the box with the Super Surfer, you have no way of knowing what temperature to set it to, without first using it either by whip, or preferably  via forced fan/whip  mode.  Turn the fan on, and keep adjusting the heat until you find the sweet spot?  It has the same ceramic heater as the SSV and DBV, and with those units your draw rate was vital in determining power level needed.  If you draw slowly, you didn’t need as much power output.  If you draw quickly, you need a little more power output.   Will the fan on the Super Surfer have variable output?  Will the LED’s tell me when the device is up to temperature?  Will the added electronics also bring  auto-shutoff to the fan or heater?  Will the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and the Super Surfer Vaporizer BOTH be called the SSV?  

These, and other pressing questions will be answered shortly.  7th Floor has said the release is imminent.  Stay tuned!

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