Just announced is the Firefly portable herbal vaporizer from Phase 3, or NWT Holdings LLC,  There have been a lot of new portables announced recently, 2014 is looking like it might be the year someone gets it right for leaves and flowers.  The Firefly has a great outer design, and while details are still a little thin on what its inside is up to, things are looking good.  All glass heating chamber, and stainless steel airpath is almost perfect.  Magnetic lid, replaceable batteries, WOW.  The price isn’t that bad at an announced $269.  We are in PAX Territory here.  Its look is *similar* but looks to function completely differently.   VapeWorld even has a listing for it, so we might actually see this on the market pretty soon!


Borosilicate heating chamber


Replaceable batteries!


It really does have a nice elegant design to it.

Always buy your Firefly from an Authorized Retailer!