VapeXhale Cloud EVO – All-Glass Air & Vapor Path.  Game Over.  

I’m very lucky to try a great many vapes in my life.  I try to return that favor by doing what I can to share the knowledge I have about each vape.   Somehow, someway, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo has completely escaped my grasp…until this week.  I watched the FC thread consistently during its development, and wondered what all the crazy buzz what about.  It seemed limited to me.  And that water device on top of an electrical device…that can be good, right?


VapeXhale Cloud Evo


I could not have been more wrong.  The EVO is a very unique convection (with a tiny bit of conduction mixed in) vape that has an all-glass airpath AND vapor path.  I don’t know of any vape that can say that.  



The EVO sits  like a vertical tower but is fully handheld as needed.  The outer plastic shell houses the glass airpath and heater core, as well as PCB board and electrical connections.  The ground glass connection at the top will accept any 18mm GonG (Glass on Glass) connection.  Dry, wet, its your choice!  The EVO is all about options.  


VapeXhale Cloud Evo


The all-glass airpath is what I’ve been waiting to see the most since the VapeXhale came out.  Sadly…you can’t see much other than the ground glass section at the top, and the air input at the bottom.  Those are the same piece of glass; at some point near the top of the unit it has a heating unit called the Perpetuheat Heating System™ wrapped around the glass.  Fresh air goes in the bottom of the glass tube, is heated, then hits your herbs or concentrates.  VapeXhale offers and extensive line of glass attachments called hydratubes; I am still waiting on mine so I am using my glycerin coolers in the meantime.  


VapeXhale Cloud Evo



Outside of the steel mesh ELB’s that you load your herbs into, there’s nothing but glass for your air to touch.  That means this is probably, the best possible taste you could get from a vaporizer.  It’s not the only all glass pathway (minus the steel mesh bowl), but nothing I’ve ever used that was similar to this flowed as well, or allowed me to create massively thick vapors.  I like the red light/green light hitting the glass to let me know when its ready…and once vapors are flowing they don’t stop no matter how hard I pull.  


VapeXhale Cloud Evo


So far so good.  I should have my glass soon, so I can give this a proper test as VapeXhale intended it to be.  There are some things I absolutely love about this vape, and one or two things I don’t…but I need another two weeks solid with this thing and see how it does as a daily driver.  How will it work with concentrates?  How is daily life living with a vape of this design?  Check back and see!

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