In a shocking move, Vapir has decided to upgrade the aging veteran of its lineup, the NO2, now NO2 v2.0.   Whats New?  How about :

  • 2 Times Faster Heat Up Time!
  • 1.5 Times Longer Battery Life!
  • …thats all.

Sadly Vapir made no changes to the plastic fantastic mouthpiece, or any other part of the NO2 which we find leaves a bad taste to whatever you might be loading.  I’m not sure if they were just sitting on top of a zillion units and had to upgrade, as opposed to releasing a completely new, updated model.  WIth so many new vaporizers on the market, we can’t see this vape getting any traction whatsoever.

They even produced a video…which is absolutely horrible.  Look for a review if we can stand to put the damn thing to our lips again.

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