Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Vapes evenly
  • Replaceable Battery
  • Wide temp range
  • No pass-through
  • Smallish herb chamber
  • Non-standard battery
3.8Overall Score
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I have reviewed a few portable vapes recently that have died on me at the most inoportune moments.  I saw ‘died on me’ but we all know that means I didn’t stay on top of the charging.  So I got a little excited(settle down) when I saw the Vapir NO2 Vaporizer.   This battery powered unit has what I am looking for in a portable…size. That sounds crazy but bigger size means bigger battery and bigger chamber means longer sessions.  Right?  I don’t need a portable that fits inside my wallet..I need it to last.  


Vapir Battery

Replaceable batteries were a great choce.

The unit has a small digital readout, which displays current temp, oven temp, and battery levels.. After you charge the vape, remove the top cap and scoop in your ground-up herbs, about ¾ full is what they recommend.  There are two power buttons on the no2…turn the one on the side, which turns the unit on, and then press the power button on front to start heating the oven.  Adjust the temperature just above the power button.  The red light comes on to tell you that your heating up.

The NO2 heats up pretty quickly, When the light has turned green then begin to inhale slowly but surely, not as slow as other portable vapes, luckily.  The vapors were not warm, but not completely cooled.  A slightly longer tube would be just fine with me.  The flavor on the first load was a bit clinical, but subsequent loads were just as advertised, good flavors, decent vapors for a portable.  The herbs seemed to bake evenly, but it doesn’t hold much, so sharing a single load might be a bit of a struggle.  It is easy to reload after a bowl, as the hot parts are hard to touch.  Just tap out your bowl and reload.  


The Vapir Herb Chamber

The Vapir Herb Chamber

I was a bit surprised with the NO2, Not too much of a learning curve as with other portable vapes. I like its simplicity, and it has a decent battery life.    Having a replaceable battery is nice, but they aren’t cheap.  The taste was better than I expected, it just needs a longer tube..and a glass option would be nice.    It’s a simple, straight forward vaporizer.  It did in the drop test, which is always a plus.  I would definitely recommend this vaporizer to anyone looking for a portable unit.  


VERDICT: Legit Battery life, Good flavors…WIN.