Vapir ONE v5.0 Vaporizer Review
Easy to Clean
  • Bag or Whip
  • Concvection/Conduction
  • Not Pricey
  • Taste Isn't Great
  • No Valves on the Bags
  • Chamber Size is Small
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After a good Review of the Vapir NO2 Portable recently, I had high hopes for this Vapir ONE.  It can do a bag, or with a ‘whip’ of sorts.  It can heat up quickly, and has full temperature control. That is a recipe for success!  Or is it?  I think a longer term test is in order for this vaporizer.  I don’t trust the temp readout, or the thermostat just yet, so look for a 30 and 60 day update!


Vapir One Package

Other than a kinked hose, its a setup.

Vapir ONE v5.0 Video Transcript:


Hey everybody, Vapeologist here, today with a review of the Vapir One v5.0.  Everybody likes options in life and this vape no different.  You can fill a bag or use a tube, and you can put nearly anything you want in the herb chamber.  But lets take a look at what’s inside this funky looking vape.  

Out of the box you have the power cord and manual, the unit, two extra herb chambers, tubing and pair of plastic tweezers that I will forget to use in a few moments.

There is also five bags included, which sadly do not have valves.  They definitely need valves.  Less printing on the bags, more valve action.  

Okay the Design is a bit funky, all the controls are in this handle.   Here is the power port and switch.  Press this button to eject the herb chamber, a combination of Stainless Steel, Ceramics, and Plastic.  

At the top of the unit is the vapor outlet, twist the cap off and you will find a silicone insert to isolate your vapors from the plastic, and inside here is the heating element.  

Putting everything back in you can see how the herb chamber is positioned in the airpath.  

Okay so thats how it works lets plug it in, and then eject and fill the herb chamber.  Don’t pack it too tight, or too loose, or your vapors will be affected.  

Okay before you reinsert the herb chamber, turn the unit on, and allow it to heat up.  Sadly you have to set the temperature every single time you turn it on, and that seems kinda dumb.  Once you set the temp, turn on the heater, and allow it to cool up.  I usually have the fan on low until its up to temp, then I switch the fan to med.

Its seemed to heat up pretty quickly, but definitely watch this screen as it gets up to temperature, indicated by the green light.  The active temp is just all over the place.  The temperature regulation seems to be very weak.  

Insert the herb chamber, and then connect the bag or tube, depending on your method.  Allow the bag to fill up.  I stay on Medium, as when I switch to high, the unit immediately begins combusting.

Vapir strongly recommends that you keep the fan on, heater off, after you use the vape.  So…bag full, I turn the heater off, I disconnect the tube and am reminded of the lack of a valve, have to eject the herb chamber as the fan is still running an vape is pouring out, then since I forgot to use the tweezers with my third arm, the super hot herb chamber is rolling around.  

And the fan stays on for two minutes, adding a delightful whirr to your experience.  Nothing about this I liked.  

The vapors were effective, but the unit gives off a very noticeable plastic and burnt electronics taste.  THe temperature regulation doesn’t seem to work very well and this will of course affect taste. ..but the herbs came out mostly evenly roasted.

The One seems well made, the execution did not create a good experience.  It  needs a valve on the bag, and a better system for ejecting the hot chamber and dealing with the unit that is still running per Vapirs suggestion.  

Using the tube wasn’t much better, as the vapor was warm even with the foot long tube.  It arrived with a kink in it, but Vapir recommends soaking it in warm water for 30 minutes.  Just shouldn’t have to do that.  

All in all I think this vape comes close to be a quality vape, but falls short in many categories.  Taste, execution, and operation.  With a few changes, this vape could be a daily driver.  


Vapir One

The Heating Chamber


VERDICT: Versatile, but needs a longer test.  


 Vapir ONE v5.0
   Cost   $159.99
   Heat-up time   ~ 1 minute
   Style   Convection
   Warranty   90 Day (More=$) 
   MFR   Vapir
  Made in   China


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