Funny, I was just posting last night about the Vapir Rise, and this morning awake to find they have  a new model!  Announced today was the Vapir Prima Vaporizer, what is being called ‘first in its generation of new products’, a portable unit unlike any of its previous vapes.  There were NO IMAGES…so some quick takeaways:

  • Four temp zones
  • Replaceable battery ‘pack’
  • Easy to clean
  • Vapir heating technology

Again we don’t have too much to go on, but Vapir states: ‘Prima uses our patented state-of-the-art vaporizer technology in a sleek, sophisticated, and functional design that places it at the forefront of our competition.’ They’ve filed a trademark that has of this date (05-2015) yet to be granted.  


Updates as they come.  

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