VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate – Your coffee table should be so lucky.  

The first Vapir vape I ever used was the original NO2 – I hated it from the first draw.   Terrible taste, awful flow rate,  and just way too much plastic.  Then I tried the OxygenMini, and by that point, there was just no way I was gonna try the Rise.  No.  Way.


Vapir Rise Package Contents



Until I looked at it recently.  I should have known, I had cast off a surprisingly excellent vaporizer.  It’s such a strong product, I knew it the moment I saw it.  This thing is extremely well made, along the lines of Volcano.  The unit is hefty and feels extremely solid, and has digital controls with no moving buttons.  The shape is almost elegant, but with a pinch of late 70’s lamp design, but in a good way.  


Vapir Rise interface


The accessory kit that it comes with only deepens the level of quality.  Everything is either stainless steel, or food-grade, high-impact plastic.  I am not a fan of plastic in vapes…at all..but I have to give Vapir credit.  They chose the elements carefully, and with great intent:  an excellent vaporizer.  It looks good, but how does it work?


Vapir Rise Stainless Steel


The Rise has options: Forced air?  Sure.  Direct draw? Yep.  Forced-air direct-draw for four people simultaneously? You know it.  Herbs, AND concentrates?  Oh yes.  Uhhhh….this is the same company that make the NO2 and Oxygen Mini?  …  Really?  Even the hose is awesome.  

The heater looks like the opposite of a heat sync on a  CPU or audio amp.   There is no shortage of heat, make no mistake.  First impressions of the vapors are smooth, cool and tasty.  The temperature control seems very accurate, and changes temp quickly as you adjust from herbs to concentrates. 

I’ve only been able to try it alone; I’m really curious how it will perform when four people are sitting around it like hungry wolves, each of us greedily drawing up vapors as quickly as the Rise can make them. Will it hold up? How do the bags taste?  How well can it do concentrates?  Two weeks from now, we will know the answers to these questions.  

Stay tuned.  


Vapir Rise hoses

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